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  1. Hello world!

  2. Not sure if this is the right place to put this, but on the footer of this site with all the links and your username and all, the mugen software section's mediafire links all appear to have been taken down by a company called LeakID. Apparently it's a company who takes down leaked and pirated software, if their website at https://www.leakid.com/en/ is any indication whatsoever, but nonetheless I don't think they have any ties to Elecbyte or actually understood or researched the mugen environment and the license before forcefully pulling it. And this is very recently too, just on the 21st of april. Just another instance of companies falsely striking shit they don't own the rights to or can't on the copyright holder's behalf I guess. EDIT: As a example, see this: https://www.mediafire.com/download/p3nd02l6v2l8m1w/Mugen11Beta.zip completely gone.
  3. That Bagan made by Kozeni. Source accurate to the Super Godzilla game and takes forever to get good damage in.
  4. Bagansmashbro's Megatron and Varia31's Optimus are pretty much the best out of this collection as they're actually fairly decent characters in general. Most of this collection seems to be filled with what is in a way spriteswaps and renamed palette changes (which yes, I know the latter is partially due to G1 being cheap with generic Decepticons and Autobots to the point of having them basically be grey robots or recolored main characters), with some voice replacement, all due to the way omega supreme seems to have made his characters but nonetheless good effort on finding all of it for this collection. Wonder if we'll ever get to see the Michael Bay movie versions in MUGEN, it seems unlikely to be done but if it was there's some decent models from that transformers semi-open world action adventure game by traveller's tales that could be rigged for sprites.
  5. Hey dude, can I just say I'm a huge fan of your SNES-themed screenpack? It has a very unique style to it.

  6. I believe those are called Compilations. Maybe in like the mid to late 2000s some people or some forums would of shunned you for it, but not so much people would anymore (I think people realized in the end having a whole bashfest over a compilation isn't worth it and in a way provocative), unless the compilation is well...a compile of shit. The thing that would be stealing is if you claimed all the music, files, characters, and everything that was taken from other sources was made by you personally and not simply compiled together by you. On a unrelated note, apologies for the necro everyone.
  7. 2021 Update since things are much different now. Major Protagonists: Kung Fu Man Luke Skywalker Sonic The Hedgehog Optimus Prime Sub-Zero Batman Minor Protagonists: Super Mario Duck Dodgers / Daffy Duck Peter Griffin Steve (Minecraft) Neutral / no "side": Godzilla Doom Guy / Doom Slayer Saber Alter Cthulhu Major Antagonists: Pyron Arthas / the Lich King Majin / Super Buu Thanos Flandre Scarlet Minor Antagonists: Jason Voorhees Alien Queen This is the entire roster by the way, don't know what the plot could be however.
  8. I found a Godzilla mugen game by someone called MechaDiablo titled "Godzilla Unleashed". Looking at it, it seems to also feature gamera and ultraman characters. The screenpack doesn't bare a whole lot of resemblance to the official godzilla unleashed wii / PS2 game however. Speaking of which, if we can get all the character and stage files there's a whole lot of stuff that could be in this, but I'm not sure if there's anything not in the ultraman collection (if I am correct in saying there is ultraman stuff in it.) http://www.mediafire.com/file/txyp1e4d121adxg/Godzilla_Unleashed_Mugen_Game.rar/file
  9. it doesn't have to be a either or thing.
  10. Already a Stage for Sparkling? what's next? Clock ork Zone [Sic]?
  11. Hate to bump this, but I'm curious about this aswell.
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