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    CPS1/CPS2/CPS3 Original Themes.

    I also like FPS Games. Mostly Turok and Doom.
    and I'm waiting for someting that amused me.

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  2. Oh and one for the Glitch Pokemon too. MissingNo.'s CPS2 Theme by Stephen Bererznicki
  3. Here's a CPS2 Theme of a Starter Hoenn Pokemon BLAZIKEN! Blaziken's CPS2 Theme by Stephen Bererznicki
  4. ab8712dcac40fba848429b5b3dfb4e6b-dazcxjf

    "I apologize for yesterday, I tried dual booting TrueOS. but instead deletes everything off my Hard disk (Including Every MUGEN Characters and CS X TBM Project), I had a huge accident on my Hard drive, so I'm stuck with ubuntu for life."


    I told him that he must keep going as I got some backups for him. So please let all root for him to keep on moving!


    -WIP Characters I saved for him-
    CS-X-TBM Yoko
    CS-X-TBM Ami
    CS-X-TBM Yumi
    CS-X-TBM Julie
    CS-X-TBM Chuck



    1. DuckMannnn


      Can't he use Recuva or something

      I tried using it when I accidentally deleted around 5gb worth of music and succesfully got all of them back without any problem

  5. First Video of 2017! WOOT!

    Sorry that I took so long for this after the hiatus I had.

  6. I'm back!

    1. Galvatron


      welcome back man! :-)

    2. Solid Snivy

      Solid Snivy

      Welcome back, dude!

    3. Paul999


      Wellcome back now!

  7. Welp, I will be going to babysit my nephew.

    Will be gone for 4 or 5 days.

    1. Galvatron


      Its cool man! Family comes first.. :-)


      take care!

  8. Time for some real shovery!
  9. "Here they come! Octolings ahoy!" ~Cap'n Cuttlefish CPS2 Originals - The Octolings This is a Point Commission I paid for NoMoreHeroes2012
  10. Did you guys miss me?


    I'm back from the dead! And I'm very sorry for a delay, My family was trying their best to get the Gateway laptop all fixed up so after thats fixed I'm give it to my Mom since we swap Computers, Her HP TouchSmart 520 PC for my Gateway Laptop, So in case I'm REALLY getting my gaming laptop (which is Christmas 2017) I'm giving it back to her so that I continue on with something completely diffrent. But that dosen't mean that I have to quit MUGEN!


    Speaking of which, I'm about to have some MUGEN Video, And the Melty Blood Rolecall featuring Miyako Arima will be coming soon if I have time that is.

    1. Galvatron


      Awesome! welcome back man! :goodmood:

  11. It seems Everything is going to be on hold cause I didn't get a new laptop for Christmas.

    Looks like I'm stuck with this s****y laptop forever until I ether get it fix with help or get a job to have a new one.
    So with that being said, Hope you guys had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, let's hope 2017 will be much better from here on now.

    1. Galvatron


      We understand man. just do what you can. :-)


      Happy Holidays to you.

  12. And now here's a CPS2 Theme (or in this case a Boss Theme) of the Tallest Ultra Beast... Celesteela (UB-04 Blaster) This is a Point Commission I paid for NoMoreHeroes2012
  13. Get on your cycle, cause here comes an another Freedom Planet CPS2 Theme and this time it's... Carol Tea's Theme This is a Point Commission I paid for NoMoreHeroes2012
  14. Here comes the Freedom Planet CPS2 Theme Sash Lilac's Theme Inspired from the vibe of JG GenesisKeys and Freedom Planet OST: Aqua Tunnel 1 This is a Point Commission I paid for NoMoreHeroes2012
  15. Sorry that this hasn't been updated..... UNTIL NOW! So here they are Wizzy has made some Pokemon CPS2 Themes! Charizard Heracross Jigglypuff Plus a 2nd one by NoMoreHeroes2012 Of course this Point Commission was paid by Dylanius And now Halloween CPS2 Themes by NoMoreHeroes2012! Madotsuki's CPS2 Original Theme With a Point Commission I paid Sans' CPS2 Original Theme A Halloween Request from me This CPS2 Theme is inspired from the most popular song "MEGALOVANIA" Mismagius' CPS2 Original Theme A Halloween Request from me And last but not least, Some Azumanga Daioh CPS2 Themes with Point Commissions I paid for NoMoreHeroes2012 Tomo Takino's Theme Osaka's Theme Yomi's Theme Sakaki's Theme Kagura's Theme