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  1. thebestmlTBM

    The CPS2 Original Themes

    Sorry for the late update but here it is... My CPS2 Commission Granted! CPS2 Originals - Minamo Kurosawa And here's some more POKEMAN CPS2 THEMES! SCEPTILE INCINEROAR ARTICUNO
  2. thebestmlTBM

    (WIP) Kuki Sanban (Numbuh 3)

    and no it's still W.I.P.
  3. thebestmlTBM

    (WIP) Celesteela [BOSS Character]

    More progress so far. this time with a video.... thanks to @aequals1 for showing me this video btw he's here so it would be nice to help him out with more progress of it.
  4. thebestmlTBM

    (WIP) Celesteela [BOSS Character]

    Aequals1 note me yet again with another progress of Celesteela. "I just thought I'd keep you posted about your character here is the implementation of the move multi-energy ball. I might tweak the animations a bit. Flying bulldozer and correcting iron defense would be next." ~Aequals1 Here's the move that he did so far: So far so good from him if I do say so myself.
  5. thebestmlTBM

    (WIP) Celesteela [BOSS Character]

    Aequals1 note me again with what the progress of Celesteela. here's the note. "Just getting back to you about your character celesteela. The 6 new moves as you requested at the current rate should be all done before the year's end." ~Aequals1 Here's the helpers & explods for celesteela: KFM is just used as a size reference.

    The gangs are all here!




  7. Good news everyone, Today is my Birthday!

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    2. RoySquadRocks


      Happy Birthday, bud!

    3. AstroInkling45


      Happy birthday, dude!

    4. TMC55


      Happy birthday tbm





    Vendetta and Grudge from Making Fiends


    1. Pluscross


      Long live Making Fiends. 

    2. WlanmaniaX


      Unfortunately, I haven’t watched a lot of Making Friends.


      A very interesting idea you came up with a better Nicktoons character. Mugen has Spongebob, Zim, Dib, Rocko, Vicky and’s VENDETTA as better Nick characters being made! Come to think of any plans, I thought if you think about planning Mojo Jojo or Him possibly.

    3. CoffeeFlavoredMilk


      I actually remember trying to make a character out of Vendetta. I didn't get too far and it was really sucky.


      Making Fiends was something I loved when I was younger. And I still find it really charming.

  9. thebestmlTBM

    (WIP) Celesteela [BOSS Character]

    Hey, Aequals1 has send me a note of what the progress of Celesteela is like. here's the note. "Hi, I'd just thought I'd give you an update on celesteela. While I was unable to find anybody to help me work on this due to them working on other projects or lack of interest. Other than other palettes I've successfully implemented the iron defense move you've sent me the only parts Im sure of how to do is to make the reflected projectile the original projectile's animation and current height of the projectile thus it will always default to x = 0. it will also deflect certain moves that carry the same attr type. heres what it looks like though a few frames are cutoff:" ~Aequals1 I reply him that he will sign in here so that you guys can help him out.
  10. thebestmlTBM

    (WIP) Celesteela [BOSS Character]

    Hey just want to announce regarding the updates of Celesteela, Since CSAvion was supposed to be in the progress of it but unforntuately he was a bit dorment on it since he's been busy with the other MUGEN Project. So someone with the name of Aequals1 send me this note Hello, I'm working on a pheromosa character as well as a few of the UB's stages under the name nobod for mugen and wanted to include celesteela as one of its helpers as well as the possibility of working on celesteela itself. If you still have the character could there be a possibility that I continue work on it? ~Aequals1 Since I wanted to see this character be finished (which I doubt), I accept it since his progress of Pheromosa is intresting indeed So I send him the character (at least what's left of the progress) so that he can work on it on Avion's behalf. So long story short, the Boss Character is not dead!
  11. 2 Mugen Video are here because I forgot one of them...



  12. thebestmlTBM


    Krookodile by Gladiacloud & Solarflared!AqetQpKH8pFlhQJjVOSu46TyszDk


  14. thebestmlTBM


    Ah. ok.
  15. thebestmlTBM


    Mega Mewtwo Y by Dylanius & Gladiacloud!ALcOihGdxOBsNSE&id=6591F2879242ADA7!610&cid=6591F2879242ADA7