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Sailor Moon (Series)


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Collection is organized by Character click the author name to download.


All images made by Dissidia


This collection will not feature OC chars.


Sakuraka and anything edited off of it have mild NSFW sprites (Sexy KOs)


Red: offline


Sailor Scouts + Allies



USAGI Sailor Moon


9pOiEJe.png Y8FP0Ez.png FmNawfn.png kaQlThu.png 7KxDZdp.png IwQhHZw.png F4XEHGW.png AfjGekY.png 3Cs1J9S.png

Sailor Moon (Arcade): ElaquadoraHyper Sailor Moon / Nyo / Rick Thompson / Sakuraka edited by AkagiKSeravy / Venus-Noona / TsukinoAI+


Sailor Moon (SNES): Blaze102 / Emanuele / Kamekaze / Masa / FEL


Super Sailor Moon (SNES): Alunfla / Blaze102 Napoleon JonamitePoshpsylocke edited by Vulcan Fury & Starmie


Eternal Sailor Moon (SNES): Mugenfan


Sailor Moon (Sega Genesis): GatoSoft 


Sailor Moon (Super Moon Fighter X): Eternal Moon: abon@arashi:  MUGENVERSE's 1.0 / 1.1 Conversion


Sailor Moon (Custom 1): Ryoga_RG edited by N.A.P. LJH / Nexus Games


Sailor Moon (Custom 2): xjuninho


Chibi Sailor Moon (Quiz Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon) googoo64




AMI Sailor Mercury


KbTXn9G.png KQamNFb.png Vh5dppj.png 3Y5eKfq.png


Sailor Mercury (Arcade): Sakuraka | edited by Elquadora | AkagiK edited by HyperSailorMoon / Venus-Noona  / HeartainnenSpade [Employed Mercury] / TsukinoAI+


Sailor Mercury (SNES): Alunfla / Alunfla edited by ReACt0rZ / Blaze102Kamekaze / Napoleon JonamitePoshpsylocke edited by Vulcan Fury & Starmie / xjuninho


Sailor Mercury (D4 Custom):  Way-Oh


Sailor Mercury (D4 Custom 2): Zir edited by LJH




REI Sailor Mars


fmA8PdN.png L1lUPVI.png


Sailor Mars (Arcade): Sakuraka edited by AkagiK / Venus-Noona / TsukinoAI+


Sailor Mars (SNES): Alunfla / Blaze102 / Kamekaze / Napoleon JonamitePoshpsylocke edited by Vulcan Fury & StarmieRage / xjuninho




Makoto Sailor Jupiter


7Xt42gx.png SryPht7.png


Sailor Jupiter (Arcade): Sakuraka edited by  AkagiK | HenryHSM / Venus-Noona / TsukinoAi


Sailor Jupiter (SNES): Blaze102 / Kamekaze / Napoleon Jonamite edited by Hyper Sailor Moon / NeoKamek Poshpsylocke edited by Vulcan Fury & Starmie




Minako Sailor Venus


j2i27Pq.png otzaLub.png j3GVTbG.png


Sailor Venus (Arcade)Sakuraka edited by AkagiKDNZRX786Old - Updated / Hyper Sailor Moon / Venus-Noona


Sailor V (Arcade): Charzynee / TsukinoAi+


Sailor Venus (SNES)Blaze102 / Cartoon King / Hyper Sailor Moon Kamekaze / Mmaluco10 / Napoleon Jonamite [MVC] / Poshpsylocke edited by Vulcan Fury & Starmie




Chibiusa Sailor Chibi Moon


BTjhhc4.png XZdjLDI.png


Sailor Chibi Moon (SNES): Blaze102 / KamekazeNapoleon Jonamite [MVC] / Poshpsylocke edited by Vulcan Fury & Starmie Ryoga


Sailor Chibi Moon (D4 Custom)RyogaLJH




Michiru Sailor Neptune


4gdnA7m.png wxC1URT.png tU3erTG.png


Sailor Neptune (Arcade): Hyper Sailor Moon / Yaten Kou: Version 1 - Version 2 / TsukinoAi


Sailor Neptune (SNES): Blaze102 / Hyper Sailor Moon / Kamekaze / Mmaluco10 Napoleon Jonamite [MVC] / Neocargalpha Poshpsylocke / TanicFan22


Sailor Neptune (D4 Custom): Pockefreeman&Zir edited by LJH





Haruka Sailor Uranus




Sailor Uranus (Arcade): Blaze102 Kamekaze / Mmaluco10 / Napoleon Jonamite edited by HyperSailorMoon Neocargalpha / NS / Poshpsylocke edited by  Vulcan Fury & Starmie / TanicFan22





Hotaru Sailor Saturn


ETls841.png ycqiSKk.png


Sailor Saturn (Arcade): Asuka-Masaki Laura St. DeLions / Venus-Noona / Seravy / FEL


Sailor Saturn (SNES): Blaze102 / Hyper Sailor MoonKamekaze / Mmaluco10 / Napoleon Jonamite / Poshpsylocke edited by Vulcan Fury & Starmie / Seravy Unknown Author




Setsuna Sailor Pluto


cgU3cUX.png 2DlxDuo.png


Sailor Pluto (Arcade): Hyper Sailor Moon / Charzynee edited by  LJH / Venus-Noona / TsukinoAi+


Sailor Pluto (SNES): Blaze102 / Hyper Sailor Moon Kamekaze / Mira Mmaluco10 / Napoleon JonamitePoshpsylocke edited by  Vulcan Fury & Starmie




Mamoru Tuxedo Mask


7A0Wliv.png PzFQjop.png nhXOzbV.png


    Tuxedo Mask (D4 Custom): Way-Oh


Prince Endymion (Custom): MMAluco10


 Tuxedo Mask on a chair (Arcade): 9923812






 Major Villains


Queen Beryl


FWDR0HD.png IQCcoGq.png


Queen Beryl (Arcade): Poshpsylocke edited by VulcanFury / Charzynee


Queen Beryl (Sega Genesis)UDX








Jadeite Sega (Genesis)MMAluco10








Zoicite (Arcade)Poshypsylocke




Prince Diamond




Diamond (SNES)MMAluco10 / FEL








Saphir (SNES): FEL / Mother Earth








 Rubeus (SNES): Poshpsylocke / FEL








Emerald (SNES)MMAluco10 Poshpsylocke Smhungary89 / FEL





Minor Villains


UFs1yRe.png gEZGFhg.png 9gEEYe4.png 28zGFZc.png u95WDpA.png LIoEcoG.png NsCXYxF.png


Morga (Arcade): Charzynee / TsukinoAi+


Avogadora (Arcade): MMAluco10


Shade (SNES): MMAluco10


 Atsugessho (SNES): MMAluco10


  Jamanen (SNES)MMAluco10


Castor & Pollux (Arcade)TsukinoAi+ / Charzynee edited by BazaCura


 Castor (Custom?): MMAluco10




 ( Will be separate thread in future)

Stages by Alan KOF || Stages by Big Eli King || Stages by Cadicle || Stages by Claudillo || Stages by Cenobite53 || Stages by Gabito23 || Stages by Jamesx15 || Stages by Kung Fu Man || Stages by Kaled Kalil || Stages by MMAluco10 || Stages by Navana || Stages by TsukinoAI+ 


Stages by Ryoucchi & Toaster || Stages by Sailor Sun || Stages by Sephirothx2004 || Stages by Shadowtak || Stages by Vegaz Perralli || Stages by Zaiko || Stages by Zir | || Streets by Venus-Noona || Crown Game Center & Osa-P by NeoKamek 


Sailor Moon Dimension by ATHO || Zir's Silver Millenium NSFW edit by Unknown Author || Stage Pack by Smhungary89 || Xmas 2017 Stage Pack by Hyper Sailor Moon







Ai Patches

Eternal Sailor Moon by Mugenfan AI Patched by HelloMyNameIsAAA

All Sailor Scouts by AkagiK AI Patched by HEESEY1228

AI Patch for WayOh's Sailor Mercury Crystal by Silvan

AI Patches by Blaze102: Poshsylocke's Moon and Mercury /  Poshsylocke's Venus / Poshsylocke's Jupiter / Poshsylocke's Saturn / Poshsylocke's Uranus /

Poshsylocke's Neptune Poshsylocke's Chibi Moon / Poshsylocke's Emerald


Sound Packs

 English Voice Patches for LJH's Moon and Mini Moon by Japter Dark



 Lastly I do not knowingly host spriteswaps. I have my suspicions but I am unsure if any of these are. If any are please do tell me so I can investigate them and remove if neccasary.

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gonna give it a few days and see if he keeps updating. but yea thats a good add thanks! once I see where the status of the chars lies I will add them to the collection.

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