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  1. fuck 2019, it sucks already, where's the free food

  2. Its been awhile since I've done this, obvious can thank the spamming stalker for that. This is my latest full game, Sonic Legends. It is a 2-D fighter using the fighting game engine Mugen 1.0. Basically, the characters will be 4-button instead of 6. This time, I've been trying to make the gameplay simple, and no fancy crap. Now I guess you're probably asking at this point, who are the playable characters? As with the above image, I am using the more underused Sonic characters (of course some of the main characters will still be in the game) along with plenty of secret characters. Oh right, the game has its own story. Basically, Knuckles was kidnapped and the Master Emerald was stolen by Gemerl and his group of robots made by Eggman, but who is it that their are really working for? That's all I'll say for now. Here's a few more images. come at me penders lol Anyways, recently I managed to release an early build of this game, due to that fact, there are only a few characters available at the moment, however please tell me your feedback!RoU23YxJ!TEpsDHlPBrsm0osMp354vnSOMGL4L2Uq5bs2g8c95xI
  3. I want to eat the longest breadstick ever

  4. Ah the king of fighters memorial creator guy. Hello.
  5. Wow what a braindead spammer anyways here's the newest version of sonic fighting remix Remix UM i've also updated the first post with this demo
  6. aurora borealis? at this time of the day at this part of the country localized entirely within your kitchen.


    can I see?

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      well seymour you're an odd fellow but you steam a good ham

    3. DS12



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      *thumbs up*

      *ambulance sounds*

  7. posting on forums? whats that

  8. Oh look, MFFA is back

    *Still continues to not post*

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      what releases? i don't download things anymore

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      Did not know that. You make everything you have?

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      I was so confused at first...


      ...Then I saw STF2. I'm gonna need a good Bean, Fang, UFO and Big Eggman, and fighting "Classic Sonic", man.

  9. Mario's Bizzare odyssey

  10. watch two edgelords duke it out.... i think
  11. Don't mind him, as you could see all three accounts that requested something stupid were all his.