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  1. and thoose on MUGEN Archive, aren't they poorly made?
  2. there's Kull The Despoiler too
  3. two more stages were made Stone Monkey Temple: Chin Wo's stage from Eternal Champions CFTDC Download Here Ice Cream Island: the second level in Kirby's Adventure Download Here Credits: Sega & Deep Water - Eternal Champions: Challenge From The Dark Side Nintendo & HAL Laboratory - Kirby's Adventure Glisp - Ripping Sprites For The Stone Monkey Temple Drshnaps - Ripping Sprites From Kirby's Adventure
  4. good news, i made a new stage The Stone Monkey Temple Chin Wo's Stage
  5. two more stages were made one from Donkey Kong Land, the other from Freedom Planet The Blimp: the stage where we fight King K.Rool in DKL Download Here Lilac's Treehouse: this is where Lilac and her friends lives Download Here Credits: Nintendo & Rareware - Donkey Kong Land Galaxy Trail - Freedom Planet Segatendo - Ripping Sprites For Lilac's Treehouse
  6. there's 24 chars in the game Dong Dong Never Die
  7. i made two new stages, from Dynamite Headdy i've worked on them over 6 hours. Download Here! and Here! Credits: Sega & Treasure - Dynamite Headdy Ryan 914 - Ripping Sprites For The Secret Boss Dolphman - Ripping Sprites For The Bonus Game
  8. Lou by Gladiacloud - 1 Towelie by Pokemaster2016 - 2 Milla Basset by Artur - 3 RM by RMaster007 - 1
  9. i made some stages. OLDS: the three stages were made with ASCT, except for RCR stage, i made it with Fighter Factory, and the South Park stage is updated by using FF Downloads: The Dawn Is Your Enemy IFG OTW In Color South Park - Main Street Cross Town High NEWS: Downloads: Wario Land 2 - Wario's Castle Hong Kong 97 (6 Stages) River City Ransom - Sherman Park River City Ransom - Capital Avenue Bridge River City Ransom - W.L.S Co Warehouse River City Ransom - Vacant 3rd Wheel Factory Kirby's Adventure - Grape Garden Kirby's Adventure - Meta Knight's Room Double Dragon - City Slum Super Mario World - Yoshi's House Super Mario Bros 3 - Title Screen Super Mario Bros 2 - Wart's Trone Room Super Mario Land 2 - Pumpkin Zone Punch Out! - Jogging Scene (Day & Night) Deltarune - Checkerboard Deltarune - Toriel's House FF = Fighter Factory ASCT = Automatic Stage Creation Tool
  10. errr, you forgot Reggie Skatore
  11. i'm new in MUGEN Free For All 😁