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    [adult swim] shows (such as Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Space Ghost Coast to Coast, and The Venture Bros), InuYasha, drawing, puzzles, spriting M.U.G.E.N creations, and toys.

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  1. InuYasha%20Sprite.png?attredirects=0

    After a while, I finally managed to make InuYasha's sprite for M.U.G.E.N.

    If anybody has any suggestions on fixing the sprite up, let me know.

  2. Glad to see the site finally up and running.

  3. I'm currently editing Vyvyan Basterd.

    Just gonna fix some more things (like the toaster hyper), and I'll release him.

    1. WlanmaniaX




      That's fine, I just need to make Vyvyan better for my version in the future.

    2. RMaster007


      Yeah, can't wait for your new version of him. But for now, I'm fixing some things for Beanfan's version (alonge with Richie and Eddie).

  4. updated_george_stand_by_rm007returns-db1

    I decided to try and edit up George's sprites. I updated his face, hair, and shading. I also fixed the shading on his shirt.

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    2. RMaster007


      Okay, I think I can just edit your original characters for now.

    3. RMaster007


      But I felt that I should edit George's head to look more like it does now.

    4. Paul999


      i have my edit character George

  5. I checked out a book from the library yesterday, which has annotations for every episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus. So anyways, I plan to add Monty Python references for some lf my characters. For Shock, How Not to be Seen will be his finisher hyper. And for InuYasha, the knight in armor (Terry Gilliam) will arrive and hit him with a raw chicken for a winpose.

    1. RMaster007


      Also, there will be a special intro against female characters for InuYasha. Miroku will be on the stage and ask the opponent if they would bear his child, then the Sixteen-ton weight will fall on him.

  6. I'm currently working on Shock and I want to make him to look as hilarious as possible. I also kinda got inspired by The None's Beavis and Butt-head characters for Shock's playstyle.

    As for InuYasha, haven't started spriting him yet, but with the funny faces made in the show, I might make him play not only accurate to source, but pretty funny to play as Shock as well.

  7. I edited Rocko's sprite:


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    2. RMaster007


      You could use Jarquin's original idle animation.

    3. jenngra505


      I was trying to combine Jarquin's original with the poses that Wlan wanted.

    4. RMaster007



      I was going to leave the teeth there, but I decided to remove them because why not. I might make a new sprite for him entirely.

  8. Here's a better version of the painting on the left (without that shitheaded bimbo Nicki Minaj):
  9. Lucky Luke has been updated for my late birthday gift! Check the first post for the link!
  10. Two new screenshots! As soon as I add the Slipping (Soul Ninja) and Inked compatablities, he will be released!
  11. Lucky Luke will get his second update released hopefully this weekend!
  12. Hershell Walker (Squidbillies)
  13. Happy B-Day m8! :D

  14. It's my birthday!

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    2. Paul999


      Happy Birthday RM007!

    3. RobotMonkeyHæd


      Happy B-Day RM007!

    4. Klonoafan200


      happy birthday.

  15. Since my birthday is tomorrow, I might update Lucky Luke to improve on some things for him, such as give him new portraits, update his throw, update his Horse Ride hyper, and add more compatibility states.