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  1. This is the new idle Wlan made. Could be better IMO.
  2. Looking good.
  3. And it won't be that hard to get voice clips. Just go to KimCartoon or some place like that for episodes.
  4. Code Monkeys is an amazing and hilarious show. I'm actually planning to make Dave and Jerry in the future along with Todd and Black Steve.
  5. Hey guess what error is back again COME ON PEOPLE

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. DS12 Productions

      DS12 Productions

      Technically this type of error is much worse than the other weekly errors.

    3. RobotMonkeyHæd


      This is the only weekly error we have. 

      @Rimu how certain are you that this only happens on Saturdays?  If so that's useful.

    4. Rimu


      I'm over 90% sure. I barely make posts, or write in Status Updates, but I access the site everyday, several times a day, and Saturday is the only day when I see these error codes popping up in people's posts.


      And when I post in a Saturday, bingo, multiple post and error code bugs, invariably.

  6. You made a new idle?
  7. Way to include multiple win and intro poses? Like more than 10 each?

    1. jenngra505


      There certainly is, you just need to change what variable numbers set what winposes.

    2. RMaster007


      Can I have some examples of what numbers?

  8. I made that Zim idle BTW. Not that proud of it, however.
  9. EX144 is back again. Are we not trying hard enough to keep it away.

  10. I can't believe you had time to release this but not your updates. I'm tired of waiting. What's taking so long with them?
  11. So, updates gonna be released at all?

    1. RMaster007


      Update: Wlan told me on FB that Alexei is busy updating the characters. I doubt he is. No offense.

    2. jenngra505


      I just talked to Alexei over on Youtube about it, he said he's 80% done with his edits.

    3. RMaster007


      Good to know, just want them done as soon as he can. Snd when they get released, I might edit them.

  12. The other character is Sunset Shimmer from Equestia Girls, also made by Shimmering Brony.
  13. Looks great, hoping to see Zim, Dib, and Rocko released soon. I guess the delay was because you were busy with this stage?
  14. Remake of a Tom sprite from last year:



    And a sprite with color separation:


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    2. jenngra505


      Me and Tiniest Turtles revamped your Tom sprite.

      (It was mainly Turtles' work)


    3. RMaster007


      That is amazing! Thanks, man!


    4. RMaster007



      Fixed shading.

  15. Error EX144 occured again.