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Mewtwo by The 100 Mega Shock! released 12/17/12

Phantom Blood

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Hmmm, okay don't get me wrong here, I'm giving my 2 cents. Judgeing by the video he seems slowish, the pallete look kinda werid even if it was another pokemon pallete, I'll pass. I'll wait for a sprite version of him 3D characters aren't my thing...

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Oh man, I want this character badly. ...But why does it have to be so big?

The loading times for him are REALLY long on my machine, and once loaded, the constant (but minor) lag kicks in.

This doesn't really occur with the beta version, so I think I'll re-download that one.


You know what, this isn't actually very fun to play.

Back to the drawing board.

EDIT: And crap, the download link to the old version is now dead -_-

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Unless you have a powerful computer. It uses 3D models instead of sprites.

They're still technically sprites - 256-colour indexed dots of pixels. You can't literally grab say, a .3DO file and plonk it in Fighter Factory :=D:

Also, they're rendered in 2D, just like Dragon Claw's were.

Funny, I think the lag's got something to do with the localcoord tag in his .def file. By changing the numbers to 960,620, it lags/loads like the original beta version (AKA not at all/slightly longer than normal).

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