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ClayFighter Series


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You know I was very active in the past collection, but after all what happened, my obligation was to remake this and being mantained by me, it's the less I can do for this game series.

Red is offline, Blue is edited/custom, Green is different gameplay and Yellow is WIP.

As always, any help is welcome 😉


ClayFighter / ClayFighter: Tournament Edition


Bad Mr. Frosty: Frantic / Camren Springer (Sumin Imitation)
Blob: Shadowtak - Ddchan250Metasponge64 / Evilasio Da Paz (Sumin Imitation - Custom) / Xandegraf (BlobSlyck)
Blue Suede Goo: Shadowtak / Xandegraf / Basara-kun (63 1/3)
Bonker: LordShade67 / Xandegraf
Helga: Shadowtak / Xandegraf
Ickybod Clay: LordShade67 / Shadowtak / Xandegraf
N.Boss: Shadowtak - Xandegraf (Bad Clay)
Taffy: Shadowtak / Evilasio Da Paz / Xandegraf
Tiny: Xandegraf / Joey Faust


ClayFighter 2: Judgment Clay


Bad Mr. Frosty: Metasponge64 / Evilasio Da Paz

Blob: Evilasio Da Paz / Metasponge64

Googoo: Xandegraf

Hoppy: Lord Sinistro

Kangoo: Xandegraf / Joey Faust

Nanaman: Metasponge64 / Xandegraf / Joey Faust / Basara-kun (63 1/3)

Octohead: LordShade67 / Shadowtak / Xandegraf / Basara-kun (63 1/3)

Tiny: Basara-kun (63 1/3)



Butch: Xandegraf / Joey Faust / Basara-kun (63 1/3)

Dr. Peelgood: Xandegraf / Joey Faust

Ice: Metasponge64 / Basara-kun (63 1/3)

Jack: Metasponge64 / LordShade67

Sarge: Lord Sinistro & Xandegraf / Joey Faust

Slyck: Metasponge64 / Joey Faust

Spike: Xandegraf

Thunder: Xandegraf


ClayFighter 63 1/3 / ClayFighter: Sculptor's Cut


Bad Mr. Frosty: Xandegraf / Basara-kun

Blob: SargeMHPB / MattzMugen (beta)

Bonker: Joey Faust

Earthworm Jim: Basara-kun / DrKelexoIanMcRaccoon2000

Happy Harry Houngan: Xandegraf (Normal - Macumban) / Joey Faust

Ickybod Clay: Joey Faust

Kung Pow: Some Guy / Xandegraf (Normal - Kung Fu Evil)

T-Hoppy: Joey Faust - Proud of Ragequittin / Xandegraf (Normal - T-Sarge)

Taffy: Joey Faust



Boogerman: Basara-kun

Dr. Kiln: Joey Faust / Xandegraf

Sumo Santa: Joey Faust / Xandegraf / Basara-kun (Normal - Orochi)



High Five: Jeffry081 (Hand) / Xandegraf / Basara-kun (Original - Arrange)

Lady Liberty: Joey Faust

Lockjaw Pooch: Xandegraf (Normal - Jaw Wolf) / Basara-kun

Zappa Yow Yow Boyz: Joey Faust


ClayFighter - Other


HoboCop: Basara-kun (joke char)


Other MUGEN stuff

Stages: Cenobite53 (CF1, CFTE, CF2) / Enscripture (CF1, CFTE, CF2) / Shadowtak (CF1, CFTE, CF2) / Getafix (Opera House - Mount Mushmore - Boxing Ring - Claymates: Backyard) / Nori-ban (Burning Clay - Frosty Fort - Opera House - Ickybod Clay Stage) / Tay (Fort Frosty) / Xandegraf (Happy Harry's Hut - Camp Canaveral) / Frantic (Viking Theater) / johnthebeast12 (Rubbage Reef) / CoffeeFlavoredMilk (Tribal Tower) / Basara-kun (63 1/3)

Portraits: Tonberry2k (CFTE)

AI Patches: Lillie's 音MADs (Basara's Tiny and Butch) / Guy Kazama (LordShade67's chars) / Hyde233 (Shadowtak's Blob) / Holn (Basara-kun's chars)

Intros & Endings: Basara-kun (CF2 endings)

Fullgames: Xandegraf (Super ClayFighter) (Mirror) - Gui0007 (1.1 edit) - Basara-kun (SCF by Basara & friends) / Basara-kun (CF: Infinite Clayfare)

Lifebars: Basara-kun (63 1/3)

Missing: Screenpacks


Sprites: The Spriters Resource (CF1/CFTE - CF2 - 63 1/3CFSC - Extreme) / Sprite Database (CFTE - CF2)

Sounds: Basara-kun (63 1/3 general) - Joey Faust (63 1/3 chars) - Simpsons Dumper (CFSC)

Music: Internet Archive (YesterClay) / Video Game Music

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Phew... at last I could finish this, I hope you like it 😉 also admins, don't delete the original yet, I've to check it out any link from the last posts to update this (and I found another Xandegraf's edited char, I'll post the link later)

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10 minutes ago, jo19sh92 said:

Basara-kun, might want to mark all of Lord Sinistro's characters as MISSING since he deleted his website, and wayback machine is unable to recover characters from it, so it'll have to be recovered by other means.

Ahem: https://brazilmugenteam.com/cyberbit/


O Ilusionista has rehosted all of Lord Sinistro's creations on BrazilMugenTeam website. So in some ways, you can say that this is a way to recover Lord Sinistro's stuff.


EDIT: I would also like to mention that you can download Lord Sinistro's stuff now, I can confirm that myself since I did download his Mortal Kombat 1 motif (or Screenpack if you wanna refer it as that)

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Thanks for the advice, Lord Sinistro's site was added and the links were replaced for the new one 😉 


18 hours ago, Laharl said:

hey thanks for this majorly appreciate it! Please let me know when its ok to delete the old thread cause we don't need 2 of the same thread but one is actually useable.

You're welcome, I'm glad to help 🙂 I think you can delete the other one since most of the links are updated now into this one 


For the rest, I got the doubts about Tiny. The only ones I'm sure are mine (CF2) and Joey Faust (CF1), but I'm not sure which ones are the others (Metasponge64 and Xandegraf), since the sprites are way different and I couldn't see which are from CF1 and which from CF2

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Bad news people: most of Xandegraf and Shadowtak links are broken, so I'd to put them in red. But maybe there're good news, since I got some of them, so I'll try to reupload them... if you have some of them, you can put your links here as well to add them to the list 😉 


EDIT: Found old Shadowtak site in Wayback Machine with most of his downloads working, replacing some of the red with the site 😉 

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Double post because I can 😎 restored all Xandegraf's links (I got his SCF game so I took them from there), only left High Five of his chars. But also I got these findings and corrections:

-Xandegraf's Blob is from CF1 not CF2, so moved there

-Same with his Taffy, it's from CF1 instead of 63 1/3, moved there

-I forgot to add his SCF game about that, added now

-Added Gui0007's 1.1 edit of this game, I downloaded time ago and now I remember that XD

-Since it's a secret for no one that I'm (still) working on 63 1/3 lifebars, I added them to the list as yellow/WIP

-Deleted Metasponge64's Tiny, he never made it AFAIK

-Added MattzMugen's Blob (an early beta he released in 2011 that was deleted)

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