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  1. Got those added. Thanks for the help!
  2. Added JUS Megumin by Entah 99. If anyone could help with providing links for the red link gang that'd be great.
  3. I'm curious about that Crash Bandicoot from that one GBC bootleg. Didn't know that was a thing.
  4. Are these characters as NSFW as the source material? (I know at least Rance is NSFW)
  5. https://www.mediafire.com/file/7ifxrtem272rh60/PhotoDojoMUGEN_1.zip/file Better link for Photo Dojo Lucario, and seemingly a Cinderace exists in this game too. JOYA and Stygmie's Cinderace also need better links.
  6. Also sorry for the double post but Vyvyan is from the British sitcom 'The Young Ones'.
  7. In that case: Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory): https://www.mediafire.com/file/wxgn5owwn9cck3y/sheldon.zip/file ALF: https://www.mediafire.com/file/3ttdce55do5md5f/ALFV2.2.zip/file These two characters are from the creator Zobbes. Mr. Bean by WlanmaniaX (like ALF he's fair game IMO as he's not based on the cartoon version): https://www.mediafire.com/file/hsrd5cfdjp77ksq/MrBean.zip/file Kevin McKallister (Home Alone), Chris Tucker/James Carter (Rush Hour), Vyvyan Basterd, Bully in the Laundrette (Mr. Bean), Richard Richie and Eddie Hitler (from the British sitcom Bottom) by Beanfan112: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/frlww355rup1vys/AAASdsmP36rr--nwNCpUGNwya?dl=0 All I could find for now. The Beanfan characters are listed alongside other characters by the same author not eligible for the collection, but regardless.
  8. Are sitcom characters eligible? There are quite a few I can recall. Puppet characters like ALF too. Are they in a limbo? The ALF in MUGEN is based on the live-action counterpart, not the cartoon version.
  9. I had to take Slyck down due to certain circumstances. I apologize in advance.
  10. Due to certain circumstances, I had to take down the link of Captein's Manami. I apologize in advance.
  11. https://www.mediafire.com/file/d8nromyhislbe8s/manami.rar/file Found that Manami in a jiffy. Stages and stuff I'll try looking for later.
  12. A lot less images than I expected. Haru (I remember someone made Elie from the same series but I'll need to search for that again) and Ueki are ofc the big outliers, but regardless, every image here (including those two) was reuploaded onto my own Imgur. The SEE ALSO links will get changed accordingly when those threads get remade.
  13. (Original thread by Ryoucchi) Click on the author names to download. Red text signifies a creation is offline. Yellow text signifies a W.I.P. character. CHARACTER SELECT Haru Glory: Hacker || Elie: KenshinHimura CHARACTER SELECT Kousuke Ueki: Kari & Anjel CHARACTER SELECT Kuroudo Akabane: JUNTASA313: Original - ZETA's update CHARACTER SELECT Kazuma: 1st: TrafalgarLawzz / Gokurus / Spider Yt 2017 [KaSIMPma / Punching Bag] / 2nd: Ozaler27: V1 - V2 / Rakion Mugen / Spider Yt 2017 || Aqua: Mer / AngryBirdCooler || Megumin: 1st: 1/8192 / 2nd: Entah 99 / 3rd (not pictured): CoffeeFlavoredMilk || Darkness: Mr. 4x3I STAGE SELECT Axel Guild by CoolAnimeHustler || Bathroom by Beyond || Kazuma's Mansion by Omega CHARACTER SELECT Sakamoto: Kotori SEE ALSO Ranma ½ || Rurouni Kenshin || Samurai Deeper Kyo || MariBato! (Maria Sama ga Miteru) || Fate Series (Fate/Stay Night) || 07th Expansion (Higurashi When They Cry & Umineko When They Cry)
  14. I'm just surprised it took like 4-5 years before someone made an Emilia. Or how Steins;Gate doesn't have a character yet. (Granted there's a fighting game with Kurisu in it and I imagine when that when that game gets the sprites ripped......) Speaking of Steins;Gate turns out the stage links were purged. Only casualty of the purge though which is surprising.
  15. Got this done up in a few hours. Basically copy-pasted the OG thread, but reuploaded the images to my own Imgur, and added 2 chars I found while in the process of making this.
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