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<--- RMH

I can delete posts just fine as a gmod.  Are you sure you're not just accidentally looking at the top post?
Because deleting the top one isn't allowed for anyone (including admins).  
It would remove the title, and change the nature of the thread too drastically,
so to delete it, you have to delete the entire thread.

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The posts I was trying to delete were the duplicate ones, which most certainly weren't the top posts. Trying to move posts in bulk would result in giving me an error message, but would still move the posts, albeit only move one at a time.


EDIT: Seems like everything is working normal now.


EDIT 2: Seems a few posts are still affected, namely the second post in this thread:


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Interesting. I uploaded the image to your profile pic myself and worked fine, but I removed it because I want to see if we can get this working for you. If not, I'll just upload it for you.

2 last things to try.
First is re-download the image from your imgur account, and try uploading that version of it. 
Second, if that doesn't work try cropping the image by about 3 pixels so it's not 256x256 and instead is 253x253 or less, then try it.

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