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  1. Some AI patches have the character be controlled by the AI only as the difficulty of defeating it might as well be borderline inhumanly possible. If you wish to control the character, there is a way to remove the automatic AI, and that requires editing the CNS, ST, or TXT files, which you may not have any experience in doing. In reality, MUGEN is specifically designed to be AI vs AI fights.
  2. You have a talent, The King from the CDI games has yet to have a good version of it, the others imo are not exactly that great, including the boss version that can...well...crash the game for some bloody reason.
  3. I'm a rather complicated one, I am technically banned but in all seriousness, not really. I do have access to the site as a whole but I cannot download characters, nor submit any appeals to remove my negative reputation they slapped on me when I posted a review of the site and pointed out the rather odd suspicious activity, and they are indeed responsible for those accusations. Lets be real, MUGEN Archive is one of the worst MUGEN communities in existence: Filled with corruption, balanceaholics, leakers, you get the picture. I tried exposing them to no avail, if we ever get the chance to tak
  4. If you are still here, is there any updates you can make to your ikemen go modification?
    I also wonder what the mod folder is for. I asked that in the official thread, but nobody answered...

  5. Sadly BAIDU now requires a phone and QR scanning (supossedly) and the phone can only be authentic and China only. So which means foreign people are banned from downloading from it.
  6. That requires making another custom state and applying p2stateno to that custom state to the arrows she shoots. You can basically copy the code from the air version of the gethit state but code it where the gravity is much lighter until the arrows are done hitting the opponent. This may sound complicated, but with practice it's quite simple. There are many methods of lightening gravity: Using VelAdd and setting y to a negative value but the absolute value must be less than the yaccel constant. Using VelMul with a value greater than 0 but less than 1 on the y value. Using physic
  7. Hey, if your wondering, doomermaster was one of my oldest aliases back in my early MUGEN days. This was an old creation of mine I made solely because I thought that character was funny so I made this abomination you have obtained. I started working on him almost 5 years ago, so he's very dated and I am making a brand new, much more balanced remake of him without the strange and downright bizarre stuff you see in this one. I based him off of MGMURROW's Hulk by the way and a few other characters.
  8. A character with difficulty scaling and various colored cats to battle and survive as long as you can or kill a certain amount. Its up to the palette you select. Its a remake of one of my old characters I made a few years back, now its completely redone. https://mega.nz/#!99BF3C6Q!S2pI1-Mc204dZiStZ3lhjoLqW3ucU60hr4Mpx_1WogU
  9. Make sure Fighter Factory isn't included unless you say you don't, its an obvious answer. Tools I wish to hear about are those that are external and not really MUGEN focused, by the developer's intent. Tools I use: - Sprites = Not yet skilled enough on sprite editing - Sounds = Audacity - Effects = VEGAS Pro 14.0 = Adobe AfterEffects
  10. I am one with 4 years of experience, and it is a pleasure to be on this site ready to demonstrate my creations and previews of my visual effects. I can help you with coding if assistance is therefore requested, as I have used mugen nearly EVERYDAY. - SL-Zero
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