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Creator's Collection: Madoldcrow1105 (aka MOC1105)


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Ho man...I didn't know he has so many creation. Nice collection. Gonna check it up!




I think you forgot a King DDD beta he made. Don't know where to find it, though. Do you have a picture for that R & C screenpack, though?

The King DDD he made may not be available any more since Madoldcrow1105 scratched that project. But I'll still look it up if its still floating around. :-P


As for the screenpack I'll or somebody have to set it up to take some shots of it.

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[topic update]


Just to show everyone that Madoldcrow1105 is still hanging around:


his new w.i.p:




some of his sprite sheet work from deviantart:






Looks like he is revamping his characters in HD. so I'll definitely keep an eye for any updates/New releases by MOC1105 on this topic. :goodmood:

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The Phineas and Ferb stage crashes my Mugen.

It could be your PC not able to load the .sff file due to low RAM. :-P


[Edit post]


Wait a minute....

I see the problem


in the def file of the stage:



spr = stages/phineas&ferb.sff  <---------- (mugen couldn't locate the ,sff file. This Should solve the problem.)

debugbg = 0

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UPDATE: Added Jenny XJ9 (by CyberAkumaTV & Madoldcrow1105)

UPDATE: Added Patrick Star (by Doug1105 & Madoldcrow1105)




UPDATE: Removed the edited version of Patrick Star due to it including a bunch of garbage that looks nothing like Madoldcrow's art style, plus the .snd file is sucks and includes stupid noises.


You can also use wayback machine on his websites to download some of his stuff, his characters, and stages. Although, unfortunately, most of his stuff is stuck on MA at the moment and/or lost entirely.

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