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  1. We're missing Marshall and Nitou Ryuji.
  2. If I could give the characters voice sounds, maybe some from Dynasty Warriors 8.
  3. I wish every ninja/samurai SNK fighting game were redone by Namco. I wouldn't mind Goemon having Street fighter III hit sounds.
  4. SSBU Assist Trophy Krystal here: <Mod edit: Blacklisted URL removed>
  5. And then after that, let's hopefully get the support characters, like Monet, Coby, Bon Clay, Whitebeard.
  6. I kinda would love to see Hody Jones even though he is a support character.
  7. the assist characters, including Koala, Alvida, Marco, etc. may be a little hard because they have limited spirtes in that game.
  8. we're a man short, Salamander.
  9. even though she not playable, Krystal deserve every right to be in topic.
  10. Bandit

    Sengoku 3

    I would like to see that lightning samurai mugenized one day.
  11. Bandit

    Sengoku 3

    The roster is not complete without the bosses.
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