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    - Japanese kid shows which are basically Power Rangers but with asian people and talking belts

    - Funny anime girls who stream video games on Youtube

    - Games where you spend your entire bank account for .png waifus

    - Green haired airhead from a certain SHMUPS

    - Anime tiddies (and especially armpits! ❤️) in general

    I dont know what else
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  1. https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!ANx2QoXmuk1mavc&id=E7674E3D8A2510B5!187&cid=E7674E3D8A2510B5
  2. Image


    Chimera girl Misaki breaks into scene! This teenaged hybrid is always up for some mischievous fun.

    1. Nep Heart

      Nep Heart

      Finally, I get to see what she looks like. Love twintails forever.

    2. Lillie's 音MADs
  3. Max Payne Train Stage by FenixAzul
  4. https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!ALf-vcO9LbzBpAE&id=E7674E3D8A2510B5!187&cid=E7674E3D8A2510B5 All of his other OCs were simultaneously updated.
  5. Update: - Added Hol Horse is an asshol by Lillie's 音MADs - Fixed the link to Silver Bullet by Mr. Fong
  6. Would characters from a third person shooter fit into this collection or is it strictly fps only? Because I managed to find this Max Payne from the eponymous game series by G.O.D, which I literally had to dig through old archived MFFA pages from 2012 for.
  7. Ah, that explains it. I'll wait till it goes public in that case.
  8. Simply click on the link that says "download page" on his blog, you will then be taken to his OneDrive folder. (Or just use the direct link provided by Kirbey himself two posts above, your choice) It appears a password is required to download the file, and the video description doesn't seem to hint at any. Update: - Magular by Kirbey
  9. Update: - Father of Ultra by Kirbey
  10. Been meaning to check this out, thanks. Update: - Added Sailor Saturn by Asuka-Masaki
  11. Appreciate the re-up, also added Tombstone to the first post.
  12. Just noticed that the link to Forge by Arkady no longer works, anyone's got a backup?
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