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  1. Update: Characters: - Alucard by Soulfire - Axe Armor by guykazama - Lesser Demon by HUSSEIN
  2. no idea, i don't do commissions because i'm not a coder.
  3. Not for free, because that's off limits according to the site guidelines, but you may commission someone who's willing to do the job for you provided you pay them a sum of cash.
  4. Click on the author names to download. Red: Offline Yellow: WIP CHARACTER SELECT Iai Arthur: Eiton [1.1 Only] || Nimue: Gondwana || Iori Yagami: Manny Lingle / OHMSBY [BBCTAG] ADD-ONS SELECT KOF MI English Voice Patch for OHMSBY's Iori by Joey S.
  5. no, i'm afraid that i don't have the item you're looking for.
  6. https://mugenguild.com/forum/topics/iori-yagami-190755.0.html
  7. Ryou

    DC Comics

    New Entries: - Pocket Vixen, the last remaining character of Scruffydragon's Pocket World Project that had slipped under my radar all this time - Brainwave by carpa5
  8. Update: Characters: - Grand King by Max - Chaosroid U by pinksheep_X
  9. their works have already been listed in the collection, credited under "Blade" and "regisc" (i'm going off of by the author name in the .def file), but thanks anyway :p Update: Characters: - Magma by Smartbuno - New Symbiote Spider-Man by ThE McPrO & Mr X - Symbiote Mary Jane by Himegami - War of the Gems Spider-Man & Wolverine by Soulfire Edits: - Edits of Blade's Nova, Jean Grey, Phoenix & Dark Phoenix by Demunlawin Misc: - Fixed the link to Hulk 2099
  10. care to provide a link? preferably one that doesn't direct to MA, please. EDIT: NVM, found it.
  11. Added Faiz Axel by BlackCat.
  12. hey, no worries. as long as we can understand what you're saying, it's all that matters! Update: Characters: - Skydon by Kirbey - Alien Cannan / Kanan (patch for UMA's Capsule Monsters) by Kirbey - Blackend (new sprites version) by Kirbey
  13. the sprites used by [email protected]'s characters are heavily based upon the originals, only with a CVS-esque shading. the differences aren't really that radical to justify having them be separated from the main section like the KOF/SNK-styled characters. nonetheless, i've done what i had forgotten to do and added a "CVS" label next to the author name. that being said, the thread has been updated to include all of the items you listed above.
  14. apologies if it seems to take forever for the collection directory to be fixed, as much as i'd like to fix it myself i lack the permission to do so. only RMH has it, and we know that he doesn't go online that often. oh also did i mention that it's also available in the form of forum thread and said thread has been updated? please use that one instead in the meantime. thanks.

    1. Lord Batros

      Lord Batros

      what u break? ... i leave for a couple of years with the exception of sporatitic visits and BOOM! collection section is messed up lmao 

    2. Ryou


      i was told that there wouldn't be any problem if i were to update it again after i broke it last time, so with that in mind i went ahead to edit it....and it wound up breaking again, lol

  15. whoa, unclench :0 https://1drv.ms/u/s!AjiCV0MGYBi2apBU7YzWu4StVX8?e=56abzv
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