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  1. Walruslui released an MVC styled Rentaro.
  2. Ryou

    Granblue Fantasy

    idk, even if the edit does play a music from the event i can't help but feel it's a big stretch to include him here. like, i can kinda see why gordeau and azrael was chosen to portray belial and bubs, but shiki as nehan? at this point STG should have just used sprites of SilverAsh from Arknights and called him Nehan, and i would have eaten that shit up, lol. then again, i'm utterly sick of shiki edits, so it's probably my bias talking here. EDIT: yep, not gonna add him. his color palette isn't even a reference to Nehan's, he's devoid of Nehan's defining feature (i.e. animal ears), doesn't even use a gun, nothing. it's literally just generic shiki edit number #254422883.
  3. https://mugenguild.com/forum/boardseen./topics/nitroplus-blasterz-mora-custom-released-06042020-190175.msg2479527.html#new
  4. Ryou

    Granblue Fantasy

    Watched video of said character. I think it's just a pure coincidence that he's called Nehan, not that he's actually meant to be Nehan. STG would have had used Nehan's portrait and dialogue from the game (in similar fashion of Gordeau!Belial and Azrael!Beelzebub) if that was the case.
  5. Update: Characters: - Kamen Rider Valkyrie by BlackCat Add-Ons: - AI patches by Nanabe - AI patches by ga_takiri_ba Full Games: - Kamen Rider Battle Mugen 2 by A.M.G Studio
  6. added all, alongside Jose Cuervo's 3d Iron Man. @Pulento69, think you could get your JUS DC Comics characters re-uploaded to mediafire as well? I've been meaning to feature them in the DC Comics collection.
  7. Just checked some videos showcasing the characters and yeah, they are indeed edits. Blossom seems to be an edit of Daigoro's while Bubbles and Buttercup use TBM & CS's versions as the base.
  8. i'm impressed. he feels a lot more like a proper Diavolo now with the huge improvement you've made to the sprites. appreciate the hard work!
  9. Ryou

    Tough Guy

    that one's fixed too.
  10. Ryou

    Tough Guy

    fixed all of the aforementioned broken links.
  11. Ryou

    Chaos Code Stages

    well yes, that's exactly what i did.
  12. Ryou

    Chaos Code Stages

    that's because you're running full hd 1080p. my method only works in "low res widescreen" 850x480 resolution.
  13. i'll be looking forward to testing her out 😉
  14. https://mugenguild.com/forum/topics/mouserstyled-rentaro-release-finally-190110.0.html
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