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  1. I want to suggest stages that I like to see being included on Mugen. Where should I ask in this forum?

  2. The whole world needs more ice hockey stages in Mugen.
  3. Oooooh, that super sucks! I do hope Mugen Archive don't stoop this low.
  4. Want a cup of cappucino, anybody? How about a drink from a mamak stall. Edit: I saw a word with a no-no word on it. Might want to sub it with a good word.
  5. Since this topic needs a little diversity, I got a few from mine to share: 'Ice Age Baby' memes are not funny. It's just a poorly rendered CGI baby, that's it. Come up with a better joke or don't bother at all. I find Dynasty Warriors 6 to be my second-favorite game in the long and illustrious Dynasty Warriors series. Despite its irritating problems (such as character designs, exclusion of some characters from their previous game and the infamous Renbu Rank game play system), I find it to be one of the most enjoyable games of all time. It actually introduced me to the world of the Warriors series, as well as delving a bit into the history of Three Kingdoms-era and Sengoku-era Japan. No politician is perfect. The only reason why people hate them is because of their high expectations placed onto some politician. Make one mistake and you're done for. However, politicians aren't immune to criticisms so there's that. I hate Frozen the same way you hate Madoka Magica. But that's only because it's been used by my friends to annoy the hell out of. If I ever hear even a single note of Let it Go, I'll go psychotic! Speaking of magical girls, some of the show's theme songs could work as a soundtrack to a sports game. For example, Nana Mizuki's ETERNAL BLAZE (I think it's from Lyrical Nanoha) and ClariS's Connect (from the show you abhor) could be featured on a football game like Pro Evolution Soccer due to its rocky-sounding nature. Of course, that's just my music taste. On the subject of music, Vocaloid music and traditional folk song => Kpop music. Fight me, you crazy bastard. I hate how some folk songs get ruined by alt-right degenerates. For example, there is this beautiful song called 'There Always be an England' which I love due to its harmonic sound. And yet, the comment section on this songs featured some of the most right-wing sh*t I ever seen. It's as if their precious homeland gets infected by some innocent Indian/African man from the West End of London. That's all what I can come up with.
  6. How long you've been playing Mugen before you decided to take a break?
  7. Mr. Andrea Agnelli is one of the few people of the world that only speaks money. And then gets super butt hurt when the little guy gets to champion over the big guy just because he's really insecure about his exorbitant amounts of greenbag.



  8. Some excellent self-insert there, Chris. I hope it's finished 'cause I know this will be added to be roster.
  9. Y'know, that @DS12 guy has a point. You'll be wasting everyone's time from constantly testing the characters just to check for bugs and fixes. I doubt that you'll ironed out ALL the flaws before the so-called 'Final release', because all those glitches tell everyone in the Mugen community that you still never listen to their criticisms and just release them in a rush. Tell me, did you listen to the people who wanted to make your characters better, or did you just ignore them like a plague of locusts? If so, you're not paying attention to what they have to say because I presume you didn't know how to take criticism properly. Therefore, you didn't put enough effort to fix them. Which in turn, gives people the impression of you having no idea how to create even a simple Mugen character in the first place. HOWEVER, as it is the only version of Ed to be (almost) fully functional, I'll be lenient to you and let it slide down. After all, a flawed character is better than an awful character. Next time, take their responses to your heart and pour it in to your characters. The whole world would do favours to you if you just listen to everyone's words (including mine).
  10. If I have one wish in the world, that would be the characters from the Koei Warriors franchise (Dynasty, Samurai, Orochi, etc.) Think about it... There is a Sengoku Basara version of Yukimura and Masamune, but there is no Samurai Warriors version of these two (along with other characters). There is a Three Kingdoms-based fighting game called Sango Fighters in which you play as historical characters such as Zhao Yun, Lu Bu, Xiahou Dun and Guan Yu. However, what I want is the Dynasty Warriors version of the characters I mentioned, as well as others. Speaking of DW, how about Zhuge Liang, the Sleeping Dragon? He only exists in Dong Dong Never Die, but not in Dynasty. As for Warriors Orochi, I have not much knowledge about that series (I only played one) but I guess it could start with Orochi and Daji, who appeared since the first Warriors Orochi game. Speaking of mystical characters, I suppose Nuwa, Fuxi, Taigong Wang and others could fit in well. For a character already fit in the fighting game, Dead or Alive 5 once have SW's Naotora Ii added in the roster as DLC. If you don't believe me, look up on Youtube and analyse her movesets. Or y'know, get the game and buy the DLC yourself. I don't know, you do you.
  11. Nevermind, I'm playing on Windows 10. The WASD keys do not work when I play on Windows 10.
  12. Here to download some Ultra Fighters. Any recommendations of which one is the best?
  13. Apparently, in your screen pack, I can't use my WASD keys whenever I changed it in the option setting. The arrow keys worked fine, though. Otherwise, a superb, stellar screen pack and my favourite one of all alongside MUGEN Battle EVE, International Mugen Tournament and MUGEN KOF Memorial Screenpack Edition.
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