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  1. Agent Class Hitman by NULL https://mega.nz/#!hfREnK7A!trUoVO_-Bnh4sDxpWK7x6Kfuv1bTU1rgEgOLVej_DeE to disable the AI do this in HITMANAI.cns set V = 59 value = 0
  2. gerarc21


    Alucard by vladturunen https://mega.nz/#!cWIAWIrA!GNmS4Ory4dMdAyuW2sXvgGskPp0JIX6X1KIXduqaDVs vladturunen alucard edited by arethousleepy https://mega.nz/#!wKZAxQ5A!182eeeAN5QByGEfSrkAytG9CXSZ-HdoPONDROUINgWI
  3. Catherine Kido by DHQ https://mega.nz/#!wSIAVaZZ!CZH-wAgtA6SSYpimEXj6_zLMxw09uFXBdivZMRueI54
  4. Forgive me if i'm necrobumping but NS already released chen http://factoryns.webcrow.jp
  5. gerarc21

    Cave Story

    I wonder how Parker Owen (CH) is feeling right now when OHMSBY released a probably superior version of his quote...
  6. Hey kid go to play your character with gui santos, 2dee4ever and christian nunez...

  7. Hey ryou post that drawing you made for me
  8. John cena:are you sure about that?
  9. Me too... Also is that miku nakano? If so you are a man or woman of culture 👍
  10. STG has released Char's Zaku https://ux.getuploader.com/STGnoUNCHIburiburi/download/43
  11. Happy Merry Christmas everyone! 😉👍

  12. Mitai dake made Pharaoh but supposedly he lost it
  13. It's my birthday so... Nobody gonna say happy birthday to me? 😂

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      ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- Happy Birthday, Gerarc21!


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    4. gerarc21
  14. I'm a good boy? Finally i'm ranking up 😎

  15. gerarc21


    This one right? https://mega.nz/#!oTwznKSR!GktevjCvcP8jW-gN9Z2sVxVyOENx5me5Vz44OXQV5wk
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