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    Mugen, Music, Emulators, classic consoles and something else...
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    street fighter, kof, mvc,saga series,final fantasy and others
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    DBZ,Princess Connect Re:Dive,Steins Gate,classic mecha series and many more i can't list
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  1. Look... nobody is forcing you to stay here,if you want to get out then do it without whining and asking attention

    1. Matiu


      Seems unecesary to say that.

    2. GTFoxN6Y


      why?  Even if i release nick jr face, they still hate it.




    3. enjoythispenny
  2. Look TheWhiteDevil27 i respect you but you hadn't to do this since social media exists... also we don't want more Status Update Drama ok?

    1. CarmenRider


      MUGEN is a niche fanbase, if you want to make political opinions you should take it to Twitter where people can ACTUALLY SEE IT. I'm not disagreeing/agreeing with what he says but we come here to discuss/download MUGEN related things, not talk about politics

  3. You win $500 dollars for your truth
  4. Are you trying to force people to register in that site to download the game right?
  5. Look we don't want you to quit this site but you know that a character takes time to be complete instead of rushing it also they have errors because you don't see the code and remove the leftovers... also i'm sorry for posting that video...
  6. Feliz cumpleaños gui y ojala que puedas cumplir tus metas este año...

  7. Looks like the post i made backfired 😂👌

    1. Darkflare


      I saw your post. I just wanted to say that I hear that theme whenever I see one of YOUR posts.

    2. Sumireko Usami - Outsider
    3. Mister Fael

      Mister Fael

      You don't say?

  8. Well... I prefer you discover the reason on why he gets many downvotes mulambo
  9. Agent Class Hitman by NULL https://mega.nz/#!hfREnK7A!trUoVO_-Bnh4sDxpWK7x6Kfuv1bTU1rgEgOLVej_DeE to disable the AI do this in HITMANAI.cns set V = 59 value = 0
  10. Forgive me if i'm necrobumping but NS already released chen http://factoryns.webcrow.jp
  11. I wonder how Parker Owen (CH) is feeling right now when OHMSBY released a probably superior version of his quote...
  12. Hey kid go to play your character with gui santos, 2dee4ever and christian nunez...

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