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  1. gerarc21

    Cave Story

    I wonder how Parker Owen (CH) is feeling right now when OHMSBY released a probably superior version of his quote...
  2. Hey kid go to play your character with gui santos, 2dee4ever and christian nunez...

  3. Hey ryou post that drawing you made for me
  4. John cena:are you sure about that?
  5. Me too... Also is that miku nakano? If so you are a man or woman of culture 👍
  6. STG has released Char's Zaku https://ux.getuploader.com/STGnoUNCHIburiburi/download/43
  7. Happy Merry Christmas everyone! 😉👍

  8. Mitai dake made Pharaoh but supposedly he lost it
  9. It's my birthday so... Nobody gonna say happy birthday to me? 😂

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    2. CoolAnimeHustler


      ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- Happy Birthday, Gerarc21!


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    4. gerarc21
  10. I'm a good boy? Finally i'm ranking up 😎

  11. gerarc21


    This one right? https://mega.nz/#!oTwznKSR!GktevjCvcP8jW-gN9Z2sVxVyOENx5me5Vz44OXQV5wk
  12. If you say so Dom:https://mega.nz/#!cfpAAQqS!oeyOYNKNpBkE4QRSq9pabOzjvGqESZtIp6NMQCz7LjY Gouf:https://mega.nz/#!xWxiRIba!7IsiBmwA-6SmVubYDckEO8HlrT5QqmcPfnBAxFC3MhI
  13. I had those backed up with these last updates but oh well 🤗
  14. Don't worry Roman55 got ya covered syllin https://mega.nz/#!QChBhahJ!Z1BM2fM-mdxZddenb8CTz5IZ8V9wXhVNY288DXXqaAs
  15. Tried to find a alternate link with no avail but k6666orochi updated her months ago so... Isn't a loss right? http://www.mediafire.com/file/14r3jje98h8wzup/Weiss_v2.0.rar/file
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