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  1. My avatar has somehow deleted, but I returned it back.

    1. Oliver As Latias

      Oliver As Latias

      You think it just DELETED yours? Have you even looked around and heard what RobotMonkeyHæd said?

  2. YochiIsC00lest333


    Ok here's a place where all my sound packs for various characters (including Pokemon) goes to my site: https://sites.google.com/site/yochismugensite/my-creations/palettes-addons I made recently (incomplete) English soundpack for YAMAKICHI's Achamo/Torchic. Hopefully you will add this to my collection.
  3. YochiIsC00lest333


    MisdreavusLord's Tepig is down. Will someone reupload him?
  4. YochiIsC00lest333

    What's your icon's orgin?

    My avatar is now changed to Emolga, also from Pokemon (sry for bump)
  5. YochiIsC00lest333

    Abridge the name above you!

    Oliver as Oliver as Oliver as Oliver Well, I ran out of ideas
  6. YochiIsC00lest333


    Note: I have my site where I upload my characters: https://sites.google.com/site/yochismugensite/ I have 2 pages on my site where I upload my Pokemon characters I've either made or edited. This page contains all characters made for my full game Sonic vs Pokemon: https://sites.google.com/site/yochismugensite/my-creations/charactersytm/svp-chars And this page contains all of my MvC-esque Pokemon I've either made or edited: https://sites.google.com/site/yochismugensite/my-creations/charactersytm/mvc-guests Also in far 2014-2015 I made SMvC Pikachu and DCvM Jigglypuff. Both of them uses infamous SMvC EoH and DCvM Templates respectively. And they are not good. Also they are originally uploaded on my OneDrive, but I reuped to my Dropbox.
  7. YochiIsC00lest333

    Emolga (MvC Style) Release

    This character is updated! Check out readme for updates.
  8. Welcome back, logout bug :v

  9. YochiIsC00lest333

    [Full Game WIP] Sonic vs Pokemon

    Yes, I know.
  10. YochiIsC00lest333

    [Full Game WIP] Sonic vs Pokemon

    And PlayStation does what Nintendon't
  11. YochiIsC00lest333

    [Full Game WIP] Sonic vs Pokemon

    I got the message from GameJolt (a place where I uploaded my game): Because of this, I had to reup Sonic vs Pokemon here: https://mega.nz/#!058CAZQQ!3s3iFczBOcxmntSunXupDL-nB4Ylw1EGMZokJKf14cU
  12. YochiIsC00lest333

    Grand Theft Auto Series

  13. YochiIsC00lest333


    Charlotte the Jigglypuff's Eevee: http://www.mediafire.com/file/zegaa2cpcw4z4pd/Eevee.rar
  14. Welcome back, MFFA!

  15. YochiIsC00lest333


    Another update of my Emolga: