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  1. And I want to note something: Smash Bros Melee Project and Super Smash Bros MUGEN edition are by me
  2. Reuploading my Super Smash Fighters edit to MEGA along with my other full games cuz I don't have enough space in my Dropbox Also there's my another Smash-related full games: Smash Bros Melee Project Super Smash Bros MUGEN edition
  3. I've updated my Eevee to Beta 2. Also, I'm reuploading my MUGEN 1.1 edit of Ax's Pokemon full game to MEGA (including all of my fullgames) because I don't have enough space in my Dropbox.
  4. PichuMario 650's new Pichu is found in MUGEN Archive, I reuploaded it to Dropbox
  5. My real name is Nicolay Bessonov.
  6. MFFA will be closed in December 30 and 31. I'm really sad. :cry:

    1. GarchompMatt


      It's only two days. I'm sure you'll live.

    2. Galvatron


      Yeah its only for a little while.. besides at least it gives all of  us time to do other things while the forum is closed. :goodmood:

  7. I've updated my Eevee and edited PichuMario 650's Pichu Updates on my Eevee: - Added Flareon Striker - Some minor changes My updates on PichuMario 650's Pichu: - Palettes - New portrait - Hitsparks are aligned properly - Attacks are bit balanced - Some minor changes
  8. Mine is currently Eevee from Pokemon.
  9. But where's Pokemonboy7051's Eric Cartman?
  10. Happy Birthday to you!

  11. Pokemonboy7051's South Park Characters are offline...
  12. SuperNaruto 64 released his own Kirby: http://www.mediafire.com/file/pfgivk2bavcme8a/Kirby.rar
  13. Also, Ani-San's Lost Silver Pikachu is offline. someone reupload it.