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  1. hello! long time i don't come to MFFA xd well, my question is; does anybody know where i can find werewood's stuff? i was looking for his sonsaku hakufu but his overdrive is totally empty. greetings!
  2. happy new year! new vid :3

    1. Moltar


      Sorry to be off-topic, but do you have HCL's 3D SSBB characters?

  4. Well, i known borewood's version, the nes version and this version i found yesterday XD
  5. Well, with 3 kinnikumans avaliables for mugen, good to see at least one of them begin actually a wrestler with grapple moves XD
  6. yes, finally a regular sized kinnikuman!!! :D
  7. tomorrow at morning could be the last debt before my truly last year of life as journalism's student. Very, VERY nervous.

  8. Felicidades! DLing! (BTW i'm in the credits of this char XD) Greetings!
  9. wrong place to ask, dude. he doesn't post here anymore.
  10. Schoolgirl dress nina by QiYue China regular dress nina by dragon792
  11. If Dragon792 finish his Nanase WIP we could have the three Lotus brother/sisters in 3D graphics (with that old unfinished 3D Kairi by Mondu_The_Fat and this Hokuto). Freakin' awesometastic!