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  1. Was expecting the Touhou one, but... Metal Slug. Niiiiiccce.
  2. Agree fully on those complaints, and a update to him would be real nice to see. At least he changed the typical EoH hyper background. The wizard hyper endlag is real annoying, too, but the aforementioned hyper spam at least helps that a little bit.
  3. ...After almost a whole year, I finally got to play at the Mario Maker stage in Smash 4. Cool as heck stage, I really li...

    *First time there, CD spawns in lava pit, forcing a hit to get it*

    ...I hate Smash 4. That, and the parallax on the NSMBU theme is HORRIBLE. Even Nijikaku stages have better parallax than that theme.

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    2. Darkflare


      And Final Destination, Battlefield, Miiverse, Lylat Cruise and Duck Hunt

    3. cartwheel champion

      cartwheel champion

      ...Lylat Cruise is evil, though... JUST like anything else from Star Fox, no surprise. They bring nothing but evil...

    4. Darkflare


      Lylat Cruise is weird since the tilting can actually mess you up.

  4. Bridge into the Abyss (Picture) (Download) (Comment) Reuploading the stage to make it easier to find. Now with it's music! Basically MK's The Portal. But given about 100+ years to develop. The "abyss" becomes a few different colors. It's not a very high or wide stage, either. It's music is some fairly mechanical sounding (And rather loud) dubstep of sorts. I think there's actually a second version of this stage, too, but...Made by GUN0TRADIO.
  5. ...So...


    ...It actually came true after all. I remember waiting for him last New Years... Thanks a whole lot. 

  6. MvC SpongeBob (Picture) (Download) (Comment) Another MvC: EoH SpongeBob... This one using the unique choice of SpongeBob Squarepants: The Movie GBA game sprites. Comes with attacks any semi-faithful SpongeBob would use, spatula throwing, bubble blowing, and having Sqiudward and Sandy as assists. The Diesel Dreamin' hot rod and Goofy Goober Wizard is in there, too... However, he also has some attacks that involve his stretchy limbs, and a hyper that resembles... Kenshiro's Crack Fist. Oh, yeah. And a fire sword, and can crawl. Due to EoH glitches, he can do multiple hypers during another hyper provided he has the power. His A.I. tends to do this, or power charge and do some simple combos. His sounds are all taken from other SpongeBobs, he changes into a different set of sprites during some attacks, and his winquotes are in a different language. Still a decent SpongeBob, though. Made by ChristianTaylor1234.
  7. So... They fell right into his evil plan... He knew someone would do this, and he wasn't wrong... Thanks a lot for the edit. I have way too many MKP characters as is. He looked really cool, and I've never seen the actual movie.
  8. I've needed this stage again for years. Thanks so much.
  9. Holy crap. The Hamster vs. Zombie hamster. I LOVED that flash game. It was adorable and glitchy as heck. Thanks a TON.
  10. "Life 1000"? What anime is this guy from, too? He's actually pretty decent and fun to use. Reminds me of Dan with the self-damaging stuff.
  11. Oh, yeah. One last thing. For some reason, Mario's guarding breaks. What I mean is that Mario will take out his shield even when he's not being attacked which won't let him move backwards or be able to do any attacks involving moving backwards. Seems to happen at complete random.
  12. Mugen has just gotten more educational. They have no reason not to show Mugen at school now. That, and it REALLY does not take this guy long to make characters.
  13. ...This isn't a forest. It clearly takes place in the mountains...
  14. The next big Bomberman meme: torijoey.png