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  1. Stronger Rugal by STG

    Oh if Rugal wasn't already cheap enough
  2. Yurin by Sakuraka [8/19/2017]

    Hmm...she looks good, her small portrait reminds me of Ms. Fanservice by DrKelexo a bit, otherwise, she's decent
  3. CatFight

    So basically is like the female version of Mortal Kombat?
  4. As you might know, Abigail is from Final Fight and Street Fighter 5....also He is the first character that Exclamation_Question made that was NOT a Bootleg Character, that's right folks, Abigail from Final Fight is not a bootleg character, so if you want to download this character, do so in the download link below Download Link: Here
  5. Yu Yu Hakusho Series

    Ah, then I must apologize, I was a little blind. lol
  6. Yu Yu Hakusho Series

    This is a very good collection indeed, tho I think it's missing some NES versions...i'll give you a link to one of them...tho you don't have to add them if you don't want to, just trying to help, again you don't have to add it if you don't want to This one I think it's named Yuu Yuu Hakusho Final
  7. So...what I can tell, the characters from the SilvaGunner channel are made into mugen like...Grand Dad, Robbie Rotten and Nozomi the only thing missing is Tito Dick from The Nutshack

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Xiristatos


      Or that baby thing from "Puzzle Room" that show up after that black finger presses "HET"

    3. Ricepigeon


      Don't forget Mr. Rental

    4. TheJMan


      Don't give the community ideas pal...

      The Nutshack is so bad it should not be in Mugen.

      But I mean would it be decent quality you could add him for comedic purposes I guess

  8. Fidget Spinner by jor8a

    Uh....I have a question....why in the name of god's green earth did a Fidget Spinner use the tornado?