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  1. Maria Christel was the boss. Changed link to NS site to the new one
  2. I fixed the link
  3. Oh, always kinda forgot about including her in the list, thanks.
  4. Added him. Also some edits.
  5. Update: - Billy Lee and Abobo by Kidthunder - Abobo by Matur4evr - Billy Lee by Banxman3
  6. Added Red Hawk from Jetman by Maniac
  7. Update: - Inuyasha by Sandaime Hokage - All three versions of Inuyasha by Parawhore-Otaku
  8. Update: - Akiha_MA and Ryougi_MA by Michaelarmaros reuploaded - Added Arrange Akiha and Arrange Satsuki by Anomipolis - Added Mech Hisui by Ururyun
  9. Looking awesome for your first collection, keep up the good work!
  10. It's fixed.
  11. Added all.
  12. Added all.
  13. http://web.archive.org/web/20140302082657/http://deathunlimited.6.ql.bz/chars/gouki.zip Thanks bruh. Added to the list.
  14. Added both.
  15. Added.