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  1. Link mega bisa? https://mega.nz/#!E8RjTZaZ!OKXymSxtMzTmXuTmYagZbyKJeYFF0ShOAcVzkubkAYk
  2. Right click on file
  3. Neato. I'll add them. I feel i'll need to make some backup too
  4. Added the new Blossom by Synck/DuckSS
  5. Added Beelzemon by Synck
  6. If you want to
  7. Added.
  8. Junpei Iori by Ajiyayakko [2/17/2017] https://onedrive.live.com/?id=AE178FE807CFE3BB!107&cid=AE178FE807CFE3BB
  9. B-Vegeta by Sustina [02/17/2016] https://www.axfc.net/u/3775538 Alt DL link with fixed .cns to work in 1.0
  10. Nah, if there's any they shouldve been listed here
  11. Added Darun Mister by Armin_Iuf
  12. Do you have render for em? images with transparent bg, since its easier to do I saw your request, dude, i just busy with things that i havent been able to do it
  13. GIMP
  14. https://www.sendspace.com/