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  1. Updated 02/20 It seems that he got Auto AI now, to turn it off: open Ultraman_X_AI.cns and change var(59) under [State -3, AI ON] from 1 to 0
  2. No worries. I've changed the link Oh, thanks for reminding. I forgot that his main stuffs were located on freett. Changed the link to mirror.
  3. Nice stage, i added it.
  4. Added them
  5. https://mega.nz/#!AwQy0TIa!wxBqYiEcsf1SA68IpNn5eRmYBsOHzNecce17kNhR7s8
  6. ...what's so hard? >>> Noah's site >>> Uji's site >>> Ironmugen's site >>> Seravy's site
  7. https://www.sendspace.com/file/5sj6yg
  8. https://www.sendspace.com/ https://www.sendspace.com https://www.sendspace.com
  9. Pretty sure you've been warned before for starting this exact same shit. Seems like you didnt listen at all. Thread locked.
  10. Link mega bisa? https://mega.nz/#!E8RjTZaZ!OKXymSxtMzTmXuTmYagZbyKJeYFF0ShOAcVzkubkAYk
  11. Right click on file
  12. Neato. I'll add them. I feel i'll need to make some backup too