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  1. Yeah it's me, "that guy". So basically I went back to mu brokenMUGEN screenpack to record a new video, but for some reason it won't load. At all, I haven't touched the game in awhile but yet it somehow caved in on itself while I was gone. Can someone give me help on what this is and how I can fix it? EDIT: Also I'm kind of pissed today and this site is giving me depression flashbacks that I do not need so sorry if I come off as rude.
  2. Since the creator behind emuparadice pussied out what's a good replacement site?
  3. I'm configuring my PS4 controller for MUGEN and I need help with this. I'm sure someone here knows
  4. I was initially gonna get litten, but the NSFW !... yeah not taking a risk
  5. My name is BookWormGreen, I came to this website due to MUGEN Archive's terrible "no lurkers" event. I also have a YT channel where I currently upload MUGEN videos, I'm trying to hit 1000 subs so I can get ad revenue. I hope I can be a good addition to this forum.