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  1. Do the health bars not work anymore?
  2. May, as i always say, Hoenn's where the hoes at
  3. Finally i can make jokes at the expense of MUGEN Archive
  4. No offence but theres a differance between Adaptaion and dub. Calling Astro Boy a dub of Tetsuwan Atom is like calling Power Rangers a dub of Super Sentai Tetsuwan Atom is actually a kids show. In Japan (and other countries) they have different rules on what can/cant be on a kids show. Not to mention Japan isn't the censorship free country that people claim it is, if anything, they have been shown to be MORE strict in some cases Yes and no, nowadays DBZ is more accurate to it's source material in its dubs since Funimation acquired it PREACH! I'm gonna stop you right there. Have you ever heard of Pokemon? Yu-Gi-Oh? Crush Gear? They are kids shows in both hemispheres. Again due to what can/can't be on a kids show in Japan and the US, it just looks like it's for grownups when it's not. Also isnt the theme song of the live action Tetsuwan Atom sung by a child? Not really, I mean we made South Park Golion is on Crunchyroll last time i checked.
  5. I downloaded the version here, so far i haven't seen anything NSFW
  6. I love it, all of it. It's just great.
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