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  1. Looking for these stuff

    Looking for these stuff I Am looking for these things here. SNS Luigi previous version 2 voicepacks for minoo chars That char in right The another ascii char
  2. Because flare was doing bad reputation in my collection i changed my username



      that makes no sense..........

    2. Flare-Gamer-64


      So? That doesn't mean I won't recognise you, Jansen.

  3. Other GIGA Games

    For chars from various Eroge/Japanese adult games by Giga without collections. The chars here does not have adult content,Enjoy! RED = OFFLINE Other eroge companies with Collection: Alicesoft ETERNAL Eushully&Anastasia Chars - Duel Savior Series: Mia Touma by Iwakick Satsuki Shindou by Bild: Original - LJH's Edit Chars - Fossette: Rea Katori by Iwakick Chars - Otome Crisis: Hiiro Hoshizaki by Bara Stages: Duel Savior Stage by Bara SEE ALSO: BALDR Collection V.G. Variable Geo Collection
  4. What program you use to rip sprites from 2d fighter maker '95?

    1. Valgallah


      Check your inbox. :)

  5. This KOF Ein by Lates?

    Is this Private? i might have this Character? I Think i want an ein with this palette and kof gameplay,I Might ask this creator if it's private or not!
  6. Kam'Lanaut request

    Man,Where i get this char?
  7. Yu Yu Hakusho (JUS STYLE)

    Yu Yu Hakusho Jump Pocket styled Collection. This collection features chars from Yu Yu Hakusho (Jus Styled) WARNING,IMPORTANT! There are chars marked as Red,which means the char is offline And these ones marked as Brown,Which means the char is Crappy (low quality char) for collection purposes. Select Your Player!: Yusuke [1st] by Akashi Mugen Yusuke [2nd] by Dark King [BETA] || Tenxu 1407 || Tyler || Unknown Author Yusuke [3nd] by MYTHOS Mugen Yusuke [4nd] by Keyber Kuwabara by Planeptune || Unknown Author Hiei by AceDBZMugen || Keyber || Trator - MYTHOS Mugen edit || Ryon Hiei [2nd] by Kari Kurama by Clearnote || lil inu x Genkai by Keyber Jin by Keyber NOTE! The chars i reupload on my mediafire are Chars on Mugenarchive,Such as Keyber's chars. SEE ALSO: Yu Yu Hakusho Collection (For non-jus Characters)
  8. Using shana icon


  9. This beautiful Stage

    This beautiful Stage Where i do get that stage? Looks so good to use in my mugen. NOTE It's from Subarashiki Hibi.
  10. Makuoka Donazo

    I Officialy want this char in right
  11. Help me please

    Lazy to make requests so i want this Chi-death and this stage. idk from what visual novel is from.
    1. Rimu


      Well, I can't say that I'm angry or anything. I just feel disappointedbored-raccoon-emoticon.gif?1302774067

  12. Want this Wynn

    Make atlantis no nazo real on Mugen! It's hard to find char
  13. Mega Man Arcade (Power Battle / Power Fighters)

    Collection has a lot of missing stuff 0/0 - IGN Would be better if i download the Calamix power fighters and desmolebox the game...
  14. Gundam shenlong by CGH

    The link of skydrive was broken so i can not have him... He's lost forever...
  15. Fei long AI Patch

    Who created this? I Need him to fight with ai! and also,I Request the stage
  16. Fei long AI Patch

    I Am upset that his skydrive is down,What the hell...
  17. 2 Of these marios

    So dead at making requests but i want this Mario from supermario rpg and This jumpman (NOTE: He's different than the donkeymario by tako) An link will be apreciated,:sugoi:
  18. 2 Of these marios

    Lot of people wants this,So good that Syu Takazaki released this mario from supermario rpg...
  19. Creator's Collection: Brergrsart

    That alice edit i might try soon!
  20. Alicesoft

    @Glorious Showoff Due to the adult nature of alicesoft,they blocked the website so only japan can access it
  21. Alicesoft

    I Forgot my first contact with alice soft! I was seeing Big bang beat article who got me into the Article
  22. Now i am using this icon of an character from Hey Arnold! (i renember that show xd)