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    Doki Doki Literature Club!

    Will you write the way into her heart? Collection I made with the characters from the most famous Visual Novel. SPECIAL GUIDE: (!) - This Char is a cheap char (???) - This char is crap (BETA) - Beta Rrlease At least enjoy the collection. Note that there are stuff that was on Mugenarchive site, I saved these things on Mediafire just in case. CHARACTERS: MONIKA The Club Leader. "Just Monika." 1st: G.R [(!)/P(iano) Monika/EFZ Edit] - P0008874 Edit /2nd: purplefantasy [(BETA)] NATSUKI "The deceivingly cute girl who packs an assertive punch" 1st: AngryBirdCooler / 2nd: babamugen [(!)/(???)/God Natsuki] SAYORI "The youthful bundle of sunshine who values happiness the most" 1st: Megaman [FFRK Custom] / 2nd: G.R. [Sayo-Nara] / 3rd: Mu [END (Suicide Sayori) EXTRA CONTENT: [No Image At The Moment] DDLC Sticker by P0008874 Monika's Eletric Gremlin by FourthRhyme KNOWN W.I.P. (Work In Progress) CHARACTERS: (Note, this is a spoiler! If you want to see it please turn up) NOT MUGENIZED YET: YURI "The timid and mysterious one who finds comfort in the world of books" STAGES: Just Monika: Scoutto - GarfieldFan22 edit Monika's Room: Dangan: Version 1 - Version 2 / Fourthrhyme [Space Classroom] / Gudine [VERY BETTER VERSION] /Jansen121: Old - New Monika?: superkingkong85 [Edited] Monika Loves to Sing: Crispy Shoujo [Joke Stage] DDLC 1 Million Downloads Stage: Unknown Author (Elecbyte) Residential: Jansen121 ADDONS: Dumanios' DDLC Palettes for Melty Blood characters OTHER VISUAL NOVEL COLLECTIONS:
  2. Jansen121

    Doki Doki Literature Club!

    UPDATE: Changed links to all of P0008874's characters, Thank you. Added Ben Walmsley punchbag Added Dumanios' palettes for MB Chars.
  3. Jansen121

    Doki Doki Literature Club!

    UPDATE: Added my Remake of Monika's Room Added my another stage "DDLC Residential" Added the 1 Million downloads by Unknown author.
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    Leaf Aquaplus Collection

    UPDATE: Added Hakuoro (From Utawarerumono/Aquapazza) by CSX,Thank you Luis.
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    Leaf Aquaplus Collection

    Collection This collection will contain chars from Leaf visual novels. Source game sprites: To Heart (Shiho) Aquapazza (Tamaki, Touka and Hakuoro) ToFight evolution (Hatsune) Comic Party Wars: Comic Party 2 (Mizuki) Custom/Original: (Eimi, Asahi) Chars: Shiho Nagaoka by Max - Jansen121's Conversion NOTE: The Original version only works for Unstable versions for Mugen (DOS ONLY) Tamaki Kousaka by Romanov - Shimon's edit Stages: ToHeart2 XRATED Stages by minstral_213 Hatsune Kashiwagi by nyo Eimi and Mizuki by Maruta Asahi by Soichi Konomiya [Beta] Aruruu and Eruruu by AOHIGE Mutsumi by summons Benawi by Dissector Touka by zak56789 [Beta] Hakuoro by CSX [Mugen 1.1 Only] Screenpacks: Utawarerumono Screenpack by Uso=Bidan [Winmugen only] See Also: and Queen of Heart '99 and Party's Breaker 2001 collection for more characters.

    3VjTx3A.jpgEmandsam filled all of the Questions with no answer. Poor @emandsam for requesting stuff in Sanotohno 2nd's videos,Please don't do this emandsam.

    1. Darkflare


      U literally do the same exact thing stfu

    3. emandsam


      I just want those characters

  7. Jansen121


    Well,i am requesting this reimu edit for my mugen,How did sano got it??? Btw,I am not sure if Muvluv alternative game server is relate to this. Btw,Sanotohno 2nd really needs to stop showcasing hard to find/offline/rare stuff Because i request these stuff until an new video he makes is made...
  8. Jansen121

    My Hero Academia

    Son bra is good released Stain.
  9. Jansen121

    This Misuzu?

    Well,i am requesting this Misuzu Kamio by Garionfeld,And why? This special version features one good quote and an special attack. Anybody with this? @Nodog let me guess if you have this...
  10. Well,I am requesting this Dee bee kaw edit Named Dee bee gangster 17 Made by one Korean person,Perhaps the stage...
  11. Jansen121

    Mai Natsume

    Does this exist? If the creator is known,Please tell me.
  12. Jansen121

    [STAGE] Quiet Beach Spot by CoolAnimeHustler

    Another PC98 Stage...
  13. Jansen121

    Kemono Friends

    Barai released Herajika
  14. Jansen121

    Mai Natsume

    Kouya acts like Crazy now,I guess i want an expert mugen creator to convert her.
  15. Jansen121

    Experiment and that stage

    I wanna request this Incomplete character and that stage,looks like related to muvluv alternative game server.
  16. Jansen121

    [STAGE] Old School Arcade Room by CoolAnimeHustler

    Looks like PC98 Game.
  17. Jansen121

    My Hero Academia

    Are you going to add Gran torino on the collection?
  18. Are you alive? 

    1. Ryou



    2. Jansen121


      And yeah about your haruhi collection,You still forgot adding YU-TOHARU's haruhi,As well. Son bra is good released Gran torino from My hero academia,and you never added.

    3. Ryou


      chill dude. i am aware of the new releases. and i update my collections whenever i please.

  19. Jansen121

    Doki Doki Literature Club!

    Added Monika by purplefantasy.
  20. Well,I have to request something,It is Master higgins created by Daniel9999999 (Not the 1.1 version) because it summons Yu yagami From the Hentai anime "Night Shift Nurses aka: Yakin Byoutou" Which was based on an visual novel with the same name made by Mink,the 1.1 Version never had this special move,Only the offline Version has it.
  21. Jansen121

    Creator's Collection: Aomura

    CREATOR'S COLLECTION AOMURA 青村 This is my Second Creator's Collection thingy. The second one is about Aomura's Chars. Aomura's Main Site Elisabeth Blanctorche Mr.Big King Sie Kensou Jin Chonshu Cyber-Woo Saki Miranda Kaori Vice Chin Gentsai Maxima Athena Asamiya Ayako Jhun Hoon Shizuha Aki
  22. Jansen121

    My Hero Academia

    <Mod edit: Blacklisted URL removed> Wow,Son bra is good released Gran torino,<Mod edit: Blacklisted URL advertisement removed>