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  1. Byakuren updated Adjusted appearance of skill orbs. Adjusted Dash timings. Adjustments to several sounds. Adjustments to some hit velocities on specials. j2y: Startup decreased by 4f. Chant: Charge speed increased by 10%. Durga's Soul: Fixed bugs involving armor state. Durga's Soul: Startup time decreased by 7f. "Master of Buddhist Cosmology": Hitbox size increased, projectile velocity increased. Superhuman "Byakuren Hijiri": Renamed Relic "Sorcerer's Sutra Scroll". Command changed to D,D,D + x/y/z (222x/y/z) Now costs 1000 Power, is no longer a selectable Last Word. No longer provides 50% Walk speed increase. Damage increase on affected Specials decreased (125%->110%). Duration is now dependent on number of Skill Orbs when used (min 2 sec, max 10 sec). Now has 7f recovery after superpause. Fixed graphical bug in IKEMEN. New Last Word: "Sakra Devanam Indra's Thunderstorm".
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    Now I feel old...

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      Wow, I'm grateful I never watched it then.

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  3. Do you ever raise attack power?

    I just find it much easier to simply leave the attack and defense values at 100. If you really want greater control over the damage output, just alter the values of the hitdefs & targetlifeadd controllers manually, and the defence stat is kind of redundant when you can simply alter the Life value like most games do.
  4. Logan Characters

  5. Yuuka updated Walk and Dash speeds increased. Slight adjustments to forward dash behavior. Thorny Rose: Movement behavior adjusted, now travels greater distances with each version. Thorny Rose: Active frame duration increased by 2f, recovery frames decreased by 2f. Thorny Rose: Now begins destroying projectiles 2f earlier. Thorny Rose: Frame advs adjusted (-2/-7, -6/-6, -7/-7 -> +4/-1, +2/-3, 0/-5) Creeping Thyme: Attack behavior & velocities adjusted, Z version no longer has armor. Creeping Thyme [X ver]: Damage decreased (170->160). Creeping Thyme [Y ver]: Damage decreased (200->185). Creeping Thyme [Z ver]: Damage increased (200->210). Creeping Thyme: Recovery decreased by 9f. "The Beauty of Nature": Now moves further forward during first & last hits.
  6. Yukari's 6z command normal, inspired by her occult skill from AoCF, is a far range poke that knocks down and whiffs up close. Has a bit of startup to it and extends Yukari's hurtbox to where her upper body is, and unlike AoCF she has no armor nor throw invincibility. Also shown is Bewitching Bait, Yukari's QCF Special, which is designed primarily as an okizeme tool.
  7. Kanako updated Can no longer perform vertical air dashes past a certain height. 5y: Active frames decreased by 4f. Additional hurtboxes after active frames reduced by 2f. j5y: Hurtbox size increased. Omiwatari God Cross: Can no longer travel vertically past a certain height.
  8. Cirno updated 5x: Hitbox position adjusted. 5z: No longer causes a knockdown on counterhit. 2x: Hitbox size increased. 3y: Hitstun & Blockstun increased by 3f, recovery time decreased by 8f. j5z: Now causes a knockdown on hit. Throw: Hurtbox size adjusted. Icicle Sword: No longer hits overhead. Icicle Sword: Starup decreased by 2f, recovery time decreased by 7f. Icicle Sword: Hit velocities adjusted, final hit now causes a ground bounce. Icicle Shot: Now fires a maximum of 6 projectiles. Projectiles no longer vary in angle. Icicle Shot: Hitbox size increased. Icicle Shot: Damage increased (18xN->19xN), Power gains on hit increased (15xN/7xN->20xN/10xN). Ice Charge: Now has projectile invincibility during active frames. Ice Charge: Startup decreased by 1f on all versions. Velocity increased. Ice Charge [Y ver]: Recovery decreased by 1f. Ice Charge [Z ver]: Recovery decreased by 2f. "Icicle Fall": Landing recovery increased by 2f. "Perfect Freeze": Damage increased (315->342), P2 power gains decreased (600->500). "Perfect Freeze": Startup decreased by 6f.
  9. Remilia updated Adjusted cancel timings of ground dashes. Ground Forward dash: startup time increased by 1f.
  10. Flandre updated Adjusted cancel timings of ground dashes. Ground Forward dash: startup time increased by 1f. 2y: Hitbox size increased. Effect added. 3y: Hitstun & Blockstun increased by 2f. Royal Flush: Startup decreased by 1f. Starbow Break [Y ver]: No longer projectile invincible when jumping to a wall. Catadioptric: No longer projectile invincible when jumping to a wall. Straight Flush: Corrected guardflags. Now properly hits mid instead of aerial overhead. Fixed bug involving guarding from crossup.
  11. Diary, February 6th:

    Mew gave birth.

    We named the newborn "Bob".

  12. Lie Meiling updated Minor adjustments to Dashes. Fixed cancel timings out of dashes. Monochromatic Hurricane [X ver]: Vertical hit velocity increased. "Dichromatic Spark" (Air): Now interacts correctly with projectiles.
  13. Mima updated Fixed several bugs involving Flight Mode dashing near the ground. "Orreries Sun" (Rings): Now hits during hitstun & blockstun. No longer hits while Mima is knocked down.
  14. Mamizou & Eirin updated Utsusemi Jizo Transformation: Can no longer expend more than 1 leaf per use. Now only has 1 hit of armor. Lunar Debris: Fixed bug where projectiles would shoot in wrong direction if Eirin crosses up opponent. "Apollo 13": Fixed bug where projectiles would shoot in wrong direction if Eirin crosses up opponent.
  15. IZ Yukari's new s.HP, basically her old s.HP on crack, but slower and less meaty. Signpost graphics are only temporary and will most likely end up being replaced with the ones from AoCF, but the move more or less functions similar to Yukari's 6a in AoCF; knocks down with good range, but has a bit of a lengthy startup, yet just enough so that she can still chain from s.MP. Also leaves a pretty big gap (pun not intended) between Yukari and the opponent if blocked, but is pretty unsafe to compensate. I don't usually cover Normals unless they have some kind of interesting effect or counterhit bonus, but they're usually the first thing I do and I figured it would be a good way to show what else is being changed about her.