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    This is my YouTube Channel where you can found videos about sports,games,songs,movies,anime,sound effects and alot other :)


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  1. Guyver MVC Style

    Really a great work Ryon best of luck on him:)
  2. Overdose Superman Wip by Jarro77 Hi all i decide to Back on MUGEN!!!! and i want complete Overdose Superman i'm looking too for some help about make different Faces and add boots in some sprites, if there are people interested to help me with Sprites about Hypers,Supers,Intro,Win Pose would be Awesome :D:D here's a video about the progress I used different bases for make this char Frankespriting Different Hulks,Monk,Grifon and Others i have intention to make an Awesome Char:) what miss?? Hypers 2 Special Intros Win Poses Fix on some Faces and adding new Faces Fix on some Boots and adding some Boots Improvements some shading about body and legs in some sprites If someone is interested to help me let me know
  3. Omega Shingo (Little KOF XI UM Edit)

    This is really a Badass Release Keep it up!!!!
  4. Heroine X Alter by Shey updated 8/7/17

    cool release :)
  5. Omega Rugal CVS POTS/Infinite by Falcon Rapper

    Really a great release Thanks for Sharing :)
  6. Masou by Tsubaki released 5/14/2016

    Really a cool release thanks for sharing:)
  7. Goeryun kof edits WIP

    really cool edit man best of luck!!!!
  8. Tne Random Funny Video, Movie & Clip Thread XD

    Hi all here's me i tried for the first time at make Pasta Carbonara hehehe with some Crazy Freestyle Show :) https://www.instagram.com/p/BP3C__aDg7h/?taken-by=jarro77
  9. Grandmaster Meio by BOH updated 3/26/17

    Really a cool char sprites and effects are awesome i hope received a update for having new moves and maybe too a 6 button chars in MVC Gameplay hehehehe :)
  10. Ritsu Tainaka (K-ON!) updated (01/29/2017)

    Really a cool release thanks for sharing :)

  11. Hi all I'm Open for Commissions i can be your coder for your char i can do sprites and animation i can do sounds and alot Others pm me if you are interested :)

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. HaloNut14


      Well, thanks for responding. When can you say you'll be done?

    3. JARRO77


      Well at the moment i'm busy with my YouTube channel i'm out of mugen for now i just download chars probably i made an update for my Prime Sentinel maybe i finish too my Overdose Superman but i don't think i can continue to mugen anymore i mean about creating chars, i don't have time for this so i suggest you to ask at someone else because i cant help you sorry i'm out for now creating chars and animation requires time

    4. HaloNut14


      Ahh, that's cool, gives me time to draw him more, give his back story structure, the works.

  12. Izayoi Sakuya by qysurg (Nov 30, 2016)

    She Looks very Cool :)
  13. Goku Black by Heal the World updated 11/21/16

    Pretty basic Choujin style character, can transform to SSJ Rose. Note: The character works by default on 1.1 only because of the common file, but can be used in 1.0 with minor edits. https://onedrive.live.com/?id=72E038BB10B52804!175&cid=72E038BB10B52804 http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/kokoronoheionwomotometudukeru Thanks Man this code work perfectly :) really a cool char hope in a future update in my opinion he need more hypers thanks for sharing:)
  14. Monkey D. Luffy by Dr. T (Nov 13, 2016)

    Really a Killer Release i like alot this char!!!! hope in a future update this char deserve more supers!! :)
  15. Really a cool boss terrific sprites :)