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  1. Kyo Edits Collection

    SvP Orochi Kyo by ???? (Author Unknown):
  2. Kyo Edits Collection

    Kusanagi-LV3 by LASH
  3. I want to clarify you something, that Ultraman Zero's size changing ability is reserved for duking it out with giant monsters (like Iblis here)

    1. TotalDramaXtremist


      Ah. Okay. Thanks for clearing that up.

  4. The Role-Play Paradise

    "Glad you could bemore confident, Fiona. Now come on, Mirror Knight's waiting on us......" "Ummmmm........let's.....wait the others."
  5. Make your own Sonic OC

    Neon the Bright
  6. The Role-Play Paradise

    The defeat of Thanatos and the sudden appearances of Iblis and Liquid Snake threw the whole group for a loop........ "What the hell?! Who was that guy?!" "I don't know........he wants to get to Iblis before us.........." "We need to follow him and beat him to Iblis!" By the time Erza switched back to her normal armor, she noticed that Zero grew ginormous....... "HUH?! You didn't tell me you could do that!" *cough, cough* "(nervous laughter)......let's.....just go already......" As everyone followed Erza and climbed on Zero, Mary turned to Mirror Knight...... "Hey, MK? How did he become huge?" @OxyontheWolf, your move!
  7. Happy Birthday! :)

  8. The Role-Play Paradise

    OOC: Hmmmmm.......a bit too demanding, don't ya think?
  9. The Role-Play Paradise

    As the battle against Thanatos raged on, Erza changed to her Armadura Fairy Armor once again and assisted Zero and Lapis......... "Got you covered, Zero." @OxyontheWolf, your move! Erza fired a beam towards Thanatos, hoping to hit her target.......meanwhile, Malin andPekogo to Pit and Dark Pit........ "Okay, Pit, what do you need us to do?" "Hey, Fiona, wanna tag along?" @A person, your move!
  10. @TotalDramaXtremist you here? can we chat? I have news

  11. @OxyontheWolf, come to chat in a bit. :)

  12. @OxyontheWolf, still not dead!

    1. OxyontheWolf


      okay then! let's go to chat!

  13. The Role-Play Paradise

    "Trust me, we were better off fighting Thanatos anyways."