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  4. The Role-Play Paradise

    "Trust me, we were better off fighting Thanatos anyways."
  5. Hey TDX, everyone is worried about you, you okay?

  6. Hey totaldrama nijikakufan61 asking about you 

    In chat that you OK or not

  7. [Preview] [Comment] Edited from FerchogtX/Ryou Win/Kong's Sonson, and makes use of Buckus' style of characters and effects. [Download]
  8. [Preview] Portrait Templates: Small: (25x25) Big: (142 x 449) DL Link: OneDrive Note: Not to be confused with his previous KOFZ conversion, which was 850x480...........
  9. The Role-Play Paradise

    "'ll see........." THE FOLLOWING WAS A MESSAGE FROM THE FOURTH WALL SOCIETY @Captain Papyrus, your move!
  10. The Role-Play Paradise

    "Indeed they do, Wade. In fact, anyone who's been following this roleplay since the beginning knows that I haven't shown up in the story, yet, but who knows? It may happen......sooner than you think!"
  11. The Role-Play Paradise

    "The fourth wall is what separates the performers/characters from the audience. At times, that an be broken to give a sense of realty to the story and get its viewers/players/readers engaged. Care for a demonstration, Wade?"
  12. The Role-Play Paradise

    THE FOLLOWING IS A MESSAGE FROM THE FOURTH WALL SOCIETY....... "Hi! My name is Penny Polendina, and I represent the Fourth Wall Society! We here at the FWS pride ourselves in informing the audiences of media that everything you read, play, or watch is for your entertainment, and we're not afraid of doing so!" @OxyontheWolf, your move!
  13. The Role-Play Paradise

    "What'sup! It's me, Mukuro Ikusaba, coming to you from the Hope's Peak Fashion Mall, where we have all types of apparel for you to wear!" Apparel is categorizedby talentswaps...... "So Kawaii! This Monomi wardrobe is stylish!" "This......looks f**kin' ridiculous!" ......Mastermind attires...... "I could get used to this.....Chihiro Fujisaki, Despair Hacker!" "Really? You call this something worthy of Ibuki's stature? Let me show you what else I have in store for you....... "Now this is more like it! Just call me the Ultimate Despair Musician!" ........beachwear...... "Awwww.......are you distracted by my beauty? I bet you are......" "Meh. It beats having to clean up Mahiru'sblood." ..........cosplay....... "I'll say it first: the people who work on Fire Emblem know how to design awesome costumes." "Now this is badass!" ......and even special outfits from our K-Pop Ronpa line-up! "I heard what you said earlier, Peko! At least my outfit's more stylish!" "What the........I wasn't told there were gonna becommercials!" "You know what? I ain't complainin'......" "Come on down to the Hope's Peak Fashion Mall, located north of Towa City! See ya there!" Ò͙̤̠̰͇̰̩̱͢͞R̢̠̜̤͓̖̠̥̰͡ ͇̥͞͝Į̺̞̱̼̰̦̼̪̀͝'̖͙͔̼́L̖͖̮̖͔͞ͅĹ̴̦̳̮̣̘̹̱ ̷̦͖̜͉̱͈̟̀͞ͅͅK̬̫͎͙Į̞̠L̠̭̰̥̙̠̲̻̳L͏͉͙ ͚̬Y̴̡̨̜̥͓̲͕O̥͙̞͖̩͡U̷͙̖͍̟̞̗͟!̷̥̼̞̝ OOC: All sprite edits used here can be found at: