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  1. The Role-Play Paradise

    OOC: I believe @OxyontheWolf is using Vezon from Bionicle as a villian and is having him be connected to FoxHound for this RP. The whole paid mercenary deal fits him perfectly.
  2. The Role-Play Paradise

    "Okay, Dusk you're coming with us! No one's dying on my watch!" Yamazaki brought Dusk towards the group and looked up only to find bullets heading his way. He maneuvered his way past them, and Malin deflected the bullets with her blades, while Alice kept a barrier working for the rest of the group. Malin took this time to make conversation about their newfound enemy.......   "I think I remember hearing about this Sniper Wolf. Something about her being a competent assassin that got killed by those robots? I heard it from my schoolmates back home."   "If what those robots said is true, then this woman's back for revenge........."   "Here's to getting rid of her before we get to our next destination, wherever it may be."     Mary then noticed something off about Yang.......   "Ummm, Yang? What happened to your arm?"   "Oh sh*t! She's right, look!"   Spoiler To @OxyontheWolf, hopefully you've seen the latest episode of RWBY to know where this is going........  
  3. The Role-Play Paradise

    Before colliding with Yang, Malin managed to maneuver her way past her in mid-air, and just barely able to roll back up to commence the next fight.   "Okay, you wanna play hardball? You got it!"   "Count me in as well! Whoever's the one brainwashing Dusk probably won't last long once we get to them!"   "Time to show you the way back to our side, Dusk! Hang in there!"   The trio of Malin, Yamazaki, and Peko wound up having to gang up on Dusk in order to try to knock some sense into him. Needless to say, Mary took this time to think of a new strategy........   "If fighting Dusk becomes pointless, we might as well force him to tell us where the head honcho behind his brainwashing is......."
  4. The Role-Play Paradise

    "Hey, try not to kill Dusk, we still need him!"   Malin then struck Dusk with the hammer once more, causing him to be laid out by the attack. Yamazaki then proceeded to check on the brainwashed hedgehog.   "Well, you knocked him out. Now what?"
  5. The Role-Play Paradise

    "Leave it to me!"   Malin then proceeded to smash her hammer against the brainwashed hedgehog, sending him flying and crashing to the ground.
  6. The Role-Play Paradise

    The group collectively seemed confused at this revelation, though Mary didn't seem very fazed by it........   "Brainwashed you say, let's put that theory to the test then........."   "Whoa, whoa, whoa! I almost forgot to ask, but that was you controlling that monster earlier?"   "Yup, that was me! It was nothing my Holy Tact couldn't handle, so I helped you guys out. Now......Command Magic! First Movement!"   As Mary tried to take control of Dusk, she suddenly felt a power struggle with some other entity. The Legion Corps member was quick to withdraw from Dusk's subconscious......   "Okay, your hedgehog friend is definitely brainwashed. Anyone have any ideas?"
  7. The Role-Play Paradise

    All the group could do was stare in awe as the Shadow Stalker disappeared, taking the Fire Primids with it. "Holy crap! That was amazing Magio!"   "Well, you showed that freak what's for! Though I would have preferred to finish it off myself! Say, did anyone find that talking Hedgehog yet?" "I'm afraid while Maribel had her reunion with Renko, the rest of us couldn't locate him, unfortunately." "All we saw was his staff, and even then there was no sign of Dusk. I don't think he's even here in the portal anymore!"   "That's not the only strange thing. Did you see how the Shadow Stalker was behaving before Magio destroyed it? It was attacking the Heartless! It seemed bit off if you ask me." "Yeah, what the heck was going on?"   ????: "Maybe I could answer that question for you guys."   "Wha?! Who said that?!"   The group turned around to see another person move out of the shadows.....   "It was a lot easier than I thought to take control of that thing. I almost didn't think my Command Magic would work properly. The Holy Tact never fails!"   "Excuse me, but who are you?"   "The name's Mary Hughes, member of the Legion Corps!" 
  8. I have a special present for you all today, as I give you 2 XCOSTUME edits in one thread. :)   Yuri Sakazaki by Phantom.of.the.Server: Spoiler Changes: - Custom XCOSTUME sprite unique to Yuri - 57 palettes to choose from (29 originals, 12 by Bley XIV,16 by yours truly) - MUGEN 1.1 Supported DL:   Yuri Sakazaki XIII by REJY2505 & NIGTH: Spoiler Changes: - Custom XCOSTUME sprite unique to Yuri - 32 palettes to choose from (12 originals, 12 by yours truly, 8 from various KOF titles Yuri appeared in made by me) - MUGEN 1.1 Supported KOFXIII System Patch (needed to properly use Yuri in your MUGEN):!211 DL:
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