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  1. MAGICAL KINGDOM OF VERVE: Elysia Inn Idealis opened her eyes slowly as the sunlight crept in from the window, bathing the entire bedroom in its golden light. Idealis slowly opened her eyes as the rays of light flashed upon her eyelids, and groaned, speaking to herself in a low voice. Idealis: Ugh, sunlight...I don't like it... Forced by the impatience of the sun to bring an abrupt end to her lovely dream, she proceeded to sit up in bed, still quite groggy from being woken up before she was ready. With no reason to stay in bed any longer, she got out of bed and began getting dressed as quietly as possible, so as not to awaken the sleeping demon in the bed adjacent to hers. As she was preparing for the torturing day that lay ahead of them, she would find her nostrils being raided by a rogue scent of deliciousness, one which caused her stomach to growl. Loudly. Both nervous and embarrassed by this, she, after finally putting on her coat over everything, proceeded to make her way out of the room, once again, as quietly as possible. Who knew what would happen if she accidentally awoke a demon, especially one that seemed to be as unstable as the one she decided to share a room with.
  2. Idealis: That's...a very ambitious goal. I think he was just saying it out of kindness, y'know, like everyone else usually does. Anyway... Idealis made her way back to her bed and sat down, letting out a sigh of relief. Idealis: ...what an exhausting day...and to think it's just going to get worse from here. She slid her coat and socks off, and proceeded to pull the blanket over herself, beginning to get comfortable. Idealis: I guess we're gonna be stuck here for the long run, aren't we? There's no hope in getting home early; with how many problems are cropping up, I know we're going to be in this far beyond the end of this so-called "threat"...it just shows all of the signs of being a never-ending loop. She yawned quietly. Idealis: But, I guess we should sleep on it for now and hope for the best tomorrow. Good night, Lizzy... And with that, she shut her eyes, beginning to doze off into a dreamland of optimism for the future.
  3. For TERA players: 


  4. CANDOR CITY: Northwestern Slums Muireann nods, and proceeds to begin following them to the point wordlessly. As of now, there were no more signs that she was on the verge of "breaking".
  5. CANDOR CITY: Northwestern Slums By now, the inflection in her voice had vanished. She approached the knight. Muireann: Understood. Awaiting movement. MAGICAL KINGDOM OF VERVE: Elysia Inn Idealis scratched her head. Avoiding a potential threat wasn't something she did unless she knew she wasn't capable of taking it on, but by the sounds of it, with all of them together, they could easily take him on and deal with him before his antics became a problem. Idealis: This is how I feel about it: if there's a weed that's starting to grow, you have to pull it out of the ground. So what exactly is he capable of that would make him someone to wait on? Isn't he going to get stronger over time? On top of that, there's a lot of us, and what sounds like one of him, and everyone here's capable of something, so I doubt it'd be that much of an issue for us.
  6. CANDOR CITY: Northwestern Slums The creature was hit by the powerful blast, being unable to move out of the way. It could be heard making a sound that almost sounded like a low yell. What was left behind was nothing more than a puddle of purple goo. The arm that was sliced had also turned into the same goo. Muireann, meanwhile, stared at the puddle for a moment, waiting to see if it something else was going to happen. MAGICAL KINGDOM OF VERVE: Elysia Inn Idealis: No, I've got it. Just keep an eye outside. She proceeded to open the door all the way. Upon hearing and seeing Seraph, she waved at him. Idealis: Heya, Seraph! Glad to see you made it out of that fight in one piece! Idealis let out a sigh. Idealis: Does the bad news ever stop coming? Why can't we just get one thing done and get a break afterwards? Ugh... She flipped some hair from out of the front of her face. Idealis: Let me guess...we have to find this guy and kill him off before he causes something else that we'll have to fix, right?
  7. This was definitely a cause for concern. Idealis: Umm...sure, I guess? She got up from her hiding spot and, still keeping an ear out for any strange noises from the window, proceeded to walk over to the door and open it slightly, just enough to allow her to peer out at him. Idealis: Soooo...how did you know where we were and why do you want to talk?
  8. CANDOR CITY: Northwestern Slums Muireann examined the situation, the arm beginning to hover back towards what looked to be the creature's torso. Her visor slid back out. Muireann: Altruism of 15K is...appreciated... She turned her attention to the torso and arm that was lleft of the creature; it appeared that its legs were blown off in the explosion, yet it still refused to die. MAGICAL KINGDOM OF VERVE: Elysia Inn Idealis turned hear head towards the door as the sound of knuckles being rapped upon it echoed through the room, the suspicious girl raising an eyebrow. Idealis: Eh? Who's there?
  9. MAGICAL KINGDOM OF VERVE: Elysia Inn ???: I don't know how they feel about it, but as long as you're with them, it's fine! Just try not to wake up any other customers, okay? Meanwhile, outside of the inn, a figure stood close to the door, looking into the building. They were ignoring the fighting going on close by. ???: (A group of people not from this world...it seems that they actually managed to bring in the cavalry they wanted after all, then. I guess the time is right, anyhow...now, for me to gather my own cavalry.) The mysterious figure proceeded to walk off, whistling quietly as the snow crunched beneath them. CANDOR CITY: Northwestern Slums Muireann would find herself being pushed to the ground by 15K, the woman taking a rather heavy fall as the arm narrowly missed her. She grunted as she hit the ground. Muireann: Explaination for 15K's action required.
  10. The visor on her head slid back into the headband, signalling that she was close to resting, or possibly something else. Muireann: ... Suddenly, the arms of the creature came flying out from the smoke left behind by the explosion, trails of smoke coming from behind them. One was headed right for Shadow Wolf's back, whilst the other was flying right at Muireann's back, both with the bladed part at the front, making them almost like spears flying through the air.
  11. Muireann: Under...stood...will await...escort... Muireann: I...shall seek repairs...when I...return... The explosion was quite sizable and caused a small shockwave to travel through the area, one far more powerful than it should have been. The explosion itself also caused several windows on buildings and cars around to shatter.
  12. Idealis let out a sigh, though it was hard to tell if it was one of relief, exhaustion, or annoyance. Idealis: So, let me get this straight...your brother came to kill the both of you, but you both managed to fight him off, causing him to leave this..."army" and "Heaven" out of apparent humiliation. And you're obviously not worried about him hunting you both down when you're both unaware and avenging his honor, so I guess that's of no concern for any of us, right? Idealis: And then it turns out that Seraph, the guy that's one of the coldest in "Heaven" and the least open, is actually really clingy to Agni for some unknown reason. Are you sure that loneliness is the problem here? I imagine he could've easily found someone else more...mmm...fitting, for lack of a better term, to be a sort of brother to him. And don't get me started on how everyone else around him is...pretty much the same way, just on a hopefully somewhat lesser scale. She stopped for a moment and sent a judging glance at Elizabeth before continuing. Idealis: It just doesn't make sense to me no matter how I try to piece it together. Even factoring in how long they've been together, it's still hard for me to believe that they just had a normal friendship that expanded into a brotherly bond. This guy sounds like he would slay an entire army just to get to Agni if they stood in his way. Frustrated, she groaned and fell upon her bed, gazing up at the ceiling. Idealis: (They call themselves angels, but are they really deserving of that title? It sounds more like the place is run by a bunch of gifted people with personal problems...someone needs to have a talk with the gods in charge up there. And then the possibility of a manipulator among us being a future problem...Iago would be so useful right now...) Suddenly, three bright flashes occurred outside of the window, accompanied by shattering sounds for each one, causing Idealis to shoot up and look outside of the window. Idealis: These witches are taking their fights way too- She quickly slid off of the bed and hid behind it as a person dressed in thick clothing slammed against the window back-first and fell down, the window somehow remaining undamaged, but a loud sound coming from the impact. Outside, a group of people surrounding the fight in an arc could be seen and heard cheering, someone else standing in front of the arc proudly, possibly waiting for the person that was just thrown away to get up.
  13. CANDOR CITY: Northwestern Slums The creature swiped at Muireann once again, though she was able to hop back and away from the attack, causing it to be hit by the bullet and for its body to quickly become petrified, its movements halting, though the arms were still floating in place despite the fact that they were stone. Muireann glanced at 15K. Muireann: Threat neutralized. She then proceeded to contact Hakumen. Muireann: Threat has been neutralized by Shadow Wolf. Awaiting further orders... Her voice could be heard gaining inflection for a moment. MAGICAL KINGDOM OF VERVE: Elysia Inn The girl at the front counter smiled at the big man despite his rather menacing appearance. ???: There sure was! You wouldn't happen to be with them, would you?