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  1. No worries, I've got you covered! Someone else might want to upload this one, though, I don't know how long a Discord link will last. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/392141934581514247/809508555199217734/Gavolaiki.zip
  2. Upon approaching the Hangout, they would see that the guards and the barrier that was previously set up was now gone. Things were also quite clean in the area, and it looked as if the creature was never even there before. Not even the building that was visibly damaged in the incident was damaged. Penelope: Wow, they sure cleaned up quick! It..you guys did fight that thing, right? Because this almost makes me think it was just...a dream or something. I didn't even know someone could work so quick! The only telltale sign that something did happen was that the new bricks to fix th
  3. Penelope: Ehh, it won't be that much of problem! Will it? Will it?! Probably not, but if she had to practice as much as Lightflare did, she would probably collapse before she could even get to fifty strikes!
  4. Penelope: I really hope everything's alright over there... She followed along, making sure to stay close to Melina! That made a lot of sense to her as well. But both styles looked so cool in her mind! It was going to be really hard to pick one, but if she absolutely had to pick one, fighting with a sword was definitely a lot cooler in her mind. Penelope: Weeeeeell...I guess I'll have to stick with swords, then! But maaaaaybe with a little boxing on the side? Just in case I...drop my sword or something. Not that I will! Really?! If he could d
  5. Could she not just go for both? She saw that in animes all the time, so it had to be possible! It's like what her mom said...what was that thing her mom said..."Jack of all trades, master of none, but oftentimes better than master of one"? It made sense to her! Penelope: Weeeeeell...I was thinkiiiiiiiing...maybe I can dabble in...booooooth? Or even mooooore? The more, the merrier, I think! Penelope: I'm more than ready to go back if you guys are!
  6. Penelope, who was now holding a toy sword and a pair of boxing gloves, nodded and smile in agreement. If excitement was visible as an aura, her aura would swallow up the entire world. Even if the sword was just a toy, she was most excited to take it for a spin. If only this stuff was not as important! Penelope: Sure did! I can't wait to try this stuff out and go practice like Lilith said! I'll get good with it in no time!
  7. As the clone slid into the ground, the men tried striking the ground to hit him, albeit to no avail. Thug 1: Damn! Well, we gotta take someone out! They all turned their attention to the much stronger mech guards and began their assault upon them, though the significant differences between them made their fight much less enjoyable for them, to say the least.
  8. As soon as the clone grabbed the bag, he would be in for a surprise as a group of 5 thugs soon ran out from the shadows of the alleyway. Thug 1: You fucked up, punk! Thug 2: Break his legs! Thug 3: You're gonna be the message to the big guys! You'd better be proud! The men charged the clone with bats and clubs and attempted to attack him with their weapons, each one swinging at his body and limbs in an attempt to knock him over, clearly unaware that it was just a clone they were attacking. The guards, clearly unaware of their presence, started calling for backup to
  9. Crook: Fucker! Due to the clone being in his path, the crook had no choice but to face the music, it seemed. He slid to a halt in front of the clone. Quickly, the two guards converged upon him, their stun rods at the ready. Seeing that he was likely at the end of the road here, the crook held up the bag. Crook: If you want this piece of shit, then you can have it! He proceeded to chuck the bag behind the clone, and soon, the mech guards converged upon the crook with their stun rods, the crackling electricity from their weapons and his cries of pain being tell tale s
  10. Crook: Who the hell are you?! You don't even look like a guard, why the fuck are you after me?! As he ran, he proceeded to knock over another dumpster before dashing towards a main street, the guards still in hot pursuit. One of them looked at the clone, seemingly unaware that it was even a clone. Mech Guard 2: You are allowed to utilize force if you wish to aid us; your actions will be considered a citizens arrest and will not be punished under the law. The two mech guards seemed to have finished preparing their stun rods and were ready to aim at the crook should t
  11. The guards already appeared to be on the case, two of them having already engaged the noble in a discussion. The crook, meanwhile, was rather fast; though Sasuke's clone was able to keep up with him, a man that looked as though he belonged in the poorer parts of the city, judging from his rather dirty clothing, he moved very quickly through the winding streets of Candor City, and seemed to have a very clear destination in mind. The clone was not alone, either: two of the mechanical guards were currently in hot pursuit as well, both wielding stunning rods as they attempted to close the gap betw
  12. Very well done, I must say that, without all of the bugs of the original game, these characters play a lot differently!
  13. As the group was busy browsing the gift shop, some shouting could be heard just outside of it, as if a scuffle had just broken out among the nobility present. Noble: Fiend! Get your filthy hands off of me! Something could be heard getting snatched, and then snapping, followed by the sounds of footsteps rushing away from the scene. Noble: Guards! GUARDS! Stop that man!
  14. As they made their way out of the store, Penelope was doing her best to hide her excitement at her newfound weaponry; even if they were toys, she was going to make them as deadly as the real thing! But if they were heading to another shop, she was going to have to find an interesting one. She glanced around, and looked for somewhere interesting to go. Penelope: Mmm...I'm not sure where I want to go...all of these places look so interesting!
  15. Without a moment of hesitation, Penelope proceeded to nab both the boxing gloves and a sword she thought looked super cool, then brought them over to Melina. Ooooh, her plans were coming together really well! Penelope: Hehe, thanks, Melina! I'll make sure I train a lot!
  16. Penelope gazed at the sword, but with her attention brought to the boxing gloves and someone good with hand-to-hand right next to her, both things seemed rather appetizing. But then again, Lilith might also be good for general training. She then got a brilliant idea: why not get both and train with both?! Then she would be unstoppable! Penelope: How about...we get both, and then I can become the ultimate fighter?! Maybe I could even fight in tournaments to make money, too! Royal Guard 1: Very well, I ask that you keep your distance.
  17. Was she okay? She did not feel homesick right now, but that could be because of how much fun she was already having! But her parents must have been worried sick about her...the police might have already been searching for her as they spoke! Penelope: Now that you mention it...they might've already started a search for me. I'm enjoying my time here and all, but...I do miss my parents. I don't wanna have them so worried about me... In that moment, her eyes caught sight of an aisle that held what looked to be a stockpile of swords and sticks for pretend play, and she stopped for a mo
  18. Penelope thought about the question for a moment. "Barbara" dolls were really popular with some of the girls, but she always thought the hard plastic stuff was too annoying to work with, and the hair was kind of annoying, too...she really liked stuff dolls, though! Penelope: Weeeell...I really like stuffed toys, like plushies and stuff! I have a huuuuge collection back at home, they're all over my room! I've even got this life-sized Dragonzard plushie next to my bed! I never really got into those Barbara dolls, though...I never liked the hard plastic things because they alway
  19. Penelope had a super wide smile form on her face. Although...the only thing she really wanted were some dolls, and maybe a sword to practice with, if they had something there, but...this wasn't the time for toys. But whatever, if she could be a kid, she was going to be a kid! Penelope: I was born ready for this! Let's goooo!
  20. The group would soon find themselves entering into the main stretch of Candor City, where the city's mix of medieval and modern soon became quite obvious. It was almost as if the city had been split by its distinct styles, with the city's center, being where the massive castle was located, having consisted of the medieval townhouses and buildings that also seemed to house more of the wealthy folk and much more expensive shops and restaurants as opposed to the more modern parts of the city, where the conditions of the streets were very good and the street corners had a guard at each one. In fac
  21. The guard glanced in the direction of another guard, who proceeded to write something down on a digital device before nodding. The guard turned his attention back to Lightflare. Guard: Okay, we've got it noted. You guys are free to leave. The guards would step aside to allow them a pathway to walk through to the main street.
  22. Penelope didn't really know how to feel about being called "Lil' Sis" by someone that wasn't really family, but what the heck; she was away from her real family anyway, so it didn't matter anyway! She was just going to embrace it to the fullest! Penelope: Okay, Big Sis! I'm coming, too! Hopefully this wasn't super creepy. Guard: How many of you are leaving? We need to take that into account before we let you leave, just in case things really do happen.
  23. Penelope: Tsk, come ooooon, it's haaaaard! Besides, all of this stuff happening at once makes it even harder! I don't even know if there's any quiet spots around here! Gimme a break! Penelope sighed. Maybe she could try it right now...if she really felt like it. She really wondered what was going on outside, though; all of those guards in one spot had to mean something was about to happen! Guard: Heh, we'd gladly let you know if we needed something. Just make sure to let them know that they probably shouldn't try getting involved should that portal reope
  24. Penelope: Eheheh...weeeeell... She had completely forgotten about that. It's not like she knew how to do it, anyway! It was probably super hard anyway! Maybe she could learn from someone else, though... One of the guards happened to be kind enough to pay some attention to Darkflare. Guard: We'll be here for a couple of hours, unfortunately. I don't know if Detective Abraxas told you, but we've had portals reopen before, usually between a few seconds to a couple of hours. We're just keeping guard here in case it happens again. If it doesn't, we'll be
  25. Abraxas took a glance at his watch again. Detective Abraxas: I am terribly sorry, but it seems like it is time for me to take my leave; there is somewhere that I must return to. I am certain that I will meet you all at a later time, so, until then, take care of yourselves. The man waved at the group and proceeded to make his way out of the Warrior's Hangout, followed by his entourage. The guards outside, however, did not depart with him as he made his way through their barrier. He came to a halt by someone decked in armor and seemed to whisper something to them be
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