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  1. So it turns out that Hidden Star in Four Seasons is gonna get a Steam release... on the 17th of this month to be exact.

    Well, that's a first.

  2. Ako Tamaki (POTS style) by Sennou-Room

    Alrighty then, thanks for the mediafire link. The very second I saw you type in "Mugen Archive" I, Xiristatos, was worried I would have to go there myself, which is just plain impossible for me because for some dumb reason, Archive banned my e-mail address... even though I, Xiristatos, never had any account there before. And that is just one of many things wrong with Archive that I, Xiristatos, probably shouldn't mention. Again, mediafire link very much appreciated, my dude. By the way, it appears that this download is not the character in its entirety, but some of her files that are to be inserted into the original Ako's files. You know, kinda like a patch or something. Just noting that for whatever 1.0 users want to download this particular file.
  3. Ako Tamaki (POTS style) by Sennou-Room

    Well, RyochiReturns, I just tried her out on my Mugen 1.0... and I, Xiristatos, was told that my Mugen was too much of an old fart for her. Yeah... she's 1.1 only.
  4. Mamizou Futatsuiwa released (10/31/17)

    I haven't downloaded her yet, but I, Xiristatos, already find that hard to believe. First, pretty much everytime you released a new character, the WIP percentage was always at about 95% at the time. You couldn't possibly have simply "forgotten" to change that 80%. Also, 5MB? I think you should hide tricks a bit better. You can definitely fool people if she had the average Touhou character file size, but not with something even smaller than your April Fools Chen. Ok, I was wrong, she's legit. Good lord am I, Xiristatos, fucking stupid.
  5. I, Xiristatos, will be leaving y'all tomorrow and shall come back in Friday at the latest... no, it doesn't matter at all, but I, Xiristatos, just wanted to let y'all know of my upcoming absence... you know, just in case anyone might attempt to put a comment on my profile probably thinking that "OH MI FLYINGSPAGHETIMONSTER, DID XIRISTASHOPPINGCART DIE HIMSELF TO DEATH??!"


    But no one shall ever think like that, guaranteedly.


    Yeah, whatever... I, Xirista- ah fuck this.

  6. So... you know the penguin "Grape-Kun" who's obsessed with its fellow cardboard Kemono Friend?

    Well, uhhh... how do I say this... he bit the dust. Yes... I, Xiristatos, probably shouldn't be the one spreading something like this (partly and mostly because I'm too much of an ass to be capable of properly doing such a thing), but I just want to let y'know... he's not with "us" (read: you) anymore. So here's a prettatiously relevantistic piction for no particularistic reasonation:



  7. For the first time in almost 9 years after my tonsils were surgically removed, I, Xiristatos, threw up... rather brutally in fact. Why does this matter? It doesn't, screw you.


    I was actually afraid of the possibility of this happening to me after such a long time, yet it came. Let's just say I... kinda freaked out while it happened.


    I still went to work afterwards because that was pretty much it... vomit like hell so much that you'll look as pretty as I usually am and back to business.


    With love, Xiristatos.

  8. Forget about this double-post bug, what about this fucking retarded "A configuration or server error has occurred" page that keeps popping up whenever I so much as click on someone's name wrong?!

  9. It is on this day, the 28th of September, in which the age of me, Xiristatos, is annually raised by one number. I refuse to consider these days "birthdays" anymore. To me they have become as uplifting as chugging down some ice tea and only realizing after a few hours that you still have a lot of it left. It's a very slight and momentary fraction of "pleasure" until you realize you still fucking hate your life and you always will.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Xiristatos


      Thank you, I still do appreciate someone coming by and wishing me well. Don't worry, nothing bad in particular happened to me, it's just this feeling that with every coming year, my life seems to become blander than ever... nothing horrible, but just... pointless. But I'll just stop here and say nothing more.

    3. CoolAnimeHustler


      ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- Happy Birthday, Yo! Keep Being Awesome! (Party Horn)


    4. Xiristatos
  10. MFFAWN #19 (Aug 20-26, 2017) - Drunk & Disorderly

    Well... as they say, to each his own. Then again, I have a pretty messed up... sense of "humor". My signature alone proves that.
  11. MFFAWN #19 (Aug 20-26, 2017) - Drunk & Disorderly

    Great Fawn post and all, but good lard... that "Weekly Funny" was nearly unintelligible at the second half, like with that the hell did you even type this in...? This thing, or what? Not that it matters though... I didn't even get the joke, or I don't even now if it WAS supposed to be funny...
  12. And what happened to an utter ballsack of a woman who falsely accused 15 men of raping "her"? http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-london-41037826

    1. LuigiTheMemeLord


      Doesn't surprise me someone would lie about that these days.


      There's plenty of stories about stuff like that.

    2. Artoria Alter

      Artoria Alter

      The sad part is people defending her


    3. LuigiTheMemeLord


      Dont expect anything less from left leaning "news" networks.

  13. That incredibly stupid feeling when you have like 800 characters in your MUGEN, but only really use like 5 of them because Complacent Gaming Syndrome, a.k.a. lazy dumbass

    1. Noside


      I do that too but just to have fun fighting against a ton of different fighters, I've also set my cfg for 50 matches, tons of fun!

    2. Pluscross


      It gets even worse higher up. So hard to use characters I even genuinely like nowadays.

    3. Xiristatos


      I do that same thing often, Noside. If my laziness gets the better of me, I make sure that at least some part of it stays fresh.

  14. And I don't care whatever happens, top waifu goes straight into my roster. I was waiting for this day that... came rather damn quick.
  15. Is it possible to create an infinite stage?

    Good Question. Now that you mention it, I do sense a significant lack of infinite stages, and I don't think it's blatantly impossible since MUGEN creators always have this penchant for overdoing themselves... In any way I am confident to say that such a thing is likely possible, because one stage creator by the name of MabsKMK has one stage where I have the feeling that this thing may have been achieved. It's his Dark Forest stage, in the "2014" section of his stages in his website. Indeed it feels like the stage is never ending because no matter how long I walked to the side to try it out, it never stopped and never touched a wall... so I guess that does give me reason to say that yes, making an infinite stage might just be possible... But I'm still keeping an open eye because this is basically the ONLY stage that I was able to walk endlessly on... which is strangely suspicious. I mean like I said, there are a buttload of stages to download, and for there to be only ONE potentially infinite one I found is pretty strange...