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I can think in one or two cases in that the edit was better than the original.....just a few.

i lost my passion on edits characters...especially cheap edit one.

I remember the time when I was trying to make the "LOL CHEAPUST CHARCATER EVUR", and some didn't liked that.

I guess each "oh

shiny! flashy! char" phase eventually ends huh?

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Very true. I don't make characters, but after a while I realized that the flash characters where boring and it's was the balanced characters that I liked the most.

well, If I have to be honest that's the way I learned coding. but I realised the effort put in making useless killer codes/nuke/cheaps could be used to create awesome playable stuff. so I stopped.

Although your boss characters are still quite interesting... :goodmood:

I'm a boss fights lover,

can you believe I made a miniboss utsuho for the sole purpose of make a video fighting her? :I

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Recently, Yu-Ka got updated. DL is in the description of NicoNico video:


Also, it looks like the author is making a PC-98 Yuuka.

Thank you for the news. The updated version linked.

mmmm Even so They are fun to Play with CHEAP but fun In My Opinon lol well I Might work On more To Help Ryoucchi out XD soooo yeah..........

Lol yea, everyone had their own opinion. Also...remind me to update this again....well time to making the preview images.
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