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Excuse me again but could you specify your problem? This is the proper mugen cfg to make it works:

Difficulty = 1

Life = 100

Time = 99

GameSpeed = 0

Team.1VS2Life = 300

Team.LoseOnKO = 1

motif = data/TH_12.3/system.def

Posted Image

Works fine for me?

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Will do. Also if i recall there was a castlevania Reimu, with good gameplay, which is a part of fullgame or so. In meanwhile all fangames character available had added. Still need info about MC Mokou vs Kaguya, Megamari Suika and others spotted in youtube too.

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Thank you. We put some effort on this because this collection abandoned by the original poster and not so many people cares lol.

Leon Thats Her Job Change we Have that Already.........

That's SNK Tenshi, but with D4 filtered sprites. Well i wonder where to get it since the skydrive link in the video description only leads to Feli's download... :bath:
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