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Wow, very awesome screenpack. The style really mimicking the original 12.3 game. The select screen showed in the omake even really gave an illusion that 12.3 have more characters lol! Please post the link to it, i'll add it to the screenpack section. :bow: (Hmm....i'm interested in that Thouther Remy too)

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Here is my reupload(old link from nxpc129 was knoked down...) may be something defferent from the original

http://www.mediafire.com/?uy3hacd1c0xiagi :awesome

btw i ceased Mugen engine and changed to I.K.E.M.E.N engine to my Touhou's pack

here is another Touhou 12.3's screen pack (same author of Mugen RC8's version)


regret i'm lated to download :donwan: , if possible,anyone do have plase share or request nxpc129 to reupload :bow:

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As you known i ceased Mugen engine and changed to I.K.E.M.E.N engine to my Touhou's pack. so i could not guilde so much :x

i use position X Axis=0, Y Axis=0 for both display image(you can see that image [Group 9000 image 0 and Group 9000 image 1] in touhou_orijin's folder).

Perhaps you may ask the organizer for help (if possible please request him to reupload screen pack for I.K.E.M.E.N.'s version)

here is my test

Posted Image

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I used to trade characters, but now its just silly. Unless certain circumstances are given (my private edit for your private edit & such)

I agree with you Star How do you think I got MASSIVE CHEAPIES That are private yes I traded My cheapies with theirs Im currently doing Demiona Komichi VERY UBER EDIT I need her Oni-Miko Zero The Author Is sorta Busy ATM Soooo Idk Hes been trading with me ^^ Hes nice UNLIKE OTHER AUTHORS WHICH ARE JERKS and wont trade and there all NO ITS MINE yeah...........but I will Get more in due time......

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