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Slam Masters L.A


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Posted Image




Stage by Electro.


Has nobody really tested that stage?


Has a stage bound issue! (You can infinite in the corners cause the player get stuck at the edges, projectiles get stuck in the corner and don´t fly past the screen).


Stage is uneven, ideally the boundleft/boundright should be equal. This is so both sides have the same distance to cover till they corner their opponent.



leftbound  = -250 rightbound =  250


leftbound  = -1000rightbound =  1000

Now we have the problem that the players can go off the wrestling mat, it doesn´t look good...


Posted Image


We have to change the boundleft/boundright to solve that problem and make the stage even...


Change from:

boundleft = -170boundright = 160


boundleft = -120boundright = 120

That´s it, now you have a "good" version of that stage...

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