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...huh? Well, nevermind, onto the feedback:


- 1105, Blood and Golden palletes. These are pretty overdone. Also, "black" is just plain black and pretty much just says "lazy".

- He disappears in one of his intros.

- Missing required sprites.

- Why can you do a MvC style superjump even though there's no launcher, or combo ability at all?

- Sometimes you can summon helpers, sometimes you can't because of this:

"trigger2 = random > 989"

- His pants are a different color in some sprites.

- While in other palettes, he changes back to the default palette if doing anything else but standing.

- Misaligned spark on EX Brick Shoot.

- Some of your hyper backgrounds stay on for a bit too long.

- If the hammer contacts, for some reason, he'll do a little punch while the same smashing sound plays.

- Fix the dodge by putting collisions on it and using HitBys and NotHitBys.

- Hyper portrait looks bad.

- Why does Super Shot put the opponent near you if it hits?

- You have to be in the opposite direction to use the Guest helper. Otherwise, it just plays the whistle sound.

- Guest helper's projectile is misaligned and also has a misaligned hitbox.


Also, who is "Fred Jones"?

- Misaligned super sparks on every super.

- Misaligned projectiles on "Brick Shooting" hyper. Also, this is minor, but there's no hyper background.

- Your sparks and sounds are all clashing with each other. CVS sparks + SF3 sparks and sounds + MvC hyper background and hyper port = Not very good.

- "Blissed" is the name of animation 7780, which should be "Sangue=Passare". Also, it looks like it's not even properly aligned.



Yeah, you have a lot to work on for this character.

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1 hour ago, CoolAkramTV said:

I changed "Blissed" to "Sangue=Passare" like you said. But I'm trying to remove "trigger2 = random > 989" like you said. But I cant find it.

Ctrl+F for "trigger2 = random > 989" in the .cmd and remove the instances of it.

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