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  1. Adding onto what the others said... - any reason why you left the filenames, including even the one for the .def, as "kfm"? - Backup folder is over 7 MB and just adds useless clutter. Get rid of it. - The hadouken isn't classified as a projectile when it should be. To do this, go to its HitDef and change "NA" to "SP" under "attr". - Superjump feels very clunky. I think you should make it so the player is able to move left and right during the jump. I'll be honest here, this feels like a very elaborate joke character.
  2. Added. On a similar note, Joe by Dawn de Era, Synck, dronk, and TheFclass97 has been added.
  3. Thank you very much for the feedback. Though I could've sworn I included a readme in the archive. I'll get right to updating him. Also one more thing, there wasn't much I could do with 8B, as the original only had 1 jumping kick animation (yeah, maybe I lied about the original having "plenty of sprites"). Hence why it looks so much like 8A. I'll try and do something about that though.
  4. Note that he is currently a beta. He has everything except hypers. [Previews] [Download] https://mega.nz/#!NMxRECwA!QNVKKtlRMeMvJBfqe6Huysu9iYEw7tH797Al7c-wDcw [Comments] The idea of creating a Scizor has crossed my head for a while as he's one of my favorite Pokemon and there were plenty of sprites available, so I made one. Feedback would be great.
  5. Added. Both should already be in the collection. Lastly, the author for Fish has been corrected to XboxRob11 and all of Anomipolis' Squidward edits ("Miss Miss") have been reuploaded since his OneDrive was deleted.
  6. All added. Also the link for a couple of MGNFN's characters have been changed because I realized he had a website. I'll get to the MA-exclusive characters later. Also anyone know where Sumin's stuff is now? His blog no longer has his creations and I'm pretty sure the versions in this collection are outdated.
  7. Since it seems all my previous request threads are gone, I decided to make a new one. 1. This "ccascarudo" stage by an unknown author. Seems to have come from Latin America. 2. Squidward, Mr. Krabs, Medusa (Jellyfish), and GyaradosRed by mugen_master, listed here: https://newmugenworld.blogfree.net/?t=346807 Were apparently hosted on a dead Polish site (podkopemseries.cba.pl) according to his YT channel. 3. All of NiO's WinMUGEN screenpacks. The author does not have them anymore. These include lOsT (https://web.archive.org/web/20090407044021/h
  8. I'm surprised people are still replying to this topic, lol. Additional nostalgic creations would include JudgeSpear's Homer, NeoKamek's creations (his Zeeky was one of the first characters I installed), N64Mario's old stuff (if I'm not wrong, his site was one of the first MUGEN sites I ever visited), Club Syndicate's stuff (a name I heavily associate with dead forums) and oddly enough, crappy Latin American Dragon Ball characters as a lot of them were in the first MUGEN pack I ever DLed, over 10 years ago.
  9. I'm still standing by what I said earlier! With that said, the following would also be cool: - More wrestling characters. Heartburn Kid and -sic- were on the right track but I don't think they ever finished anything, and I just plain dislike all the spriteswaps. - The rest of Rakugakids' roster
  10. I respect your decision, even if it is a bit of an overreaction. Good to know you'll still be on other sites. See ya around!
  11. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] https://the-phoney-express.neocities.org/ [NOTES] This isn't actually new; I had finished this stage over 3 years ago. It has been slightly refined and should be ready for release now, though. Lo-res. Animated (Snap in the background). Somewhat compatible with Super Jumps. Comes with .defs for 1.0 and 1.1. The sprites came from some flash game, IIRC.
  12. Forum thread from November 2000. "which capcom fighter needs to be made?" http://web.archive.org/web/20010107170300/http://www.nitetek.com:80/ubb/Forum4/HTML/000085.html

    1. Nodog


      Notably, people were screenshotting combo videos of MvC2 and SF3 in order to get sprites. Weird to see how much that's changed.

    2. Jansen121


      DOSMugen trend lol.

  13. I don't care about the AI (unless it exploits flaws in the character) as I prefer playing characters, but I can see how that could bother you. Anyways, here's what I can think of right now. I set better expectations for myself nowadays so all of these are rather old examples: - Mugenpoopmaster's Gengar looked promising to me, because Gengar's cool and I thought "hey, Type Wild sprites, can't go wrong with those!" Unfortunately I was proven wrong by an oddly-functioning mediocre character. - Choiyer's Haruhi looked neat at first but became WAY too NSFW overtime whic
  14. All added. Just try to use a different file host other than Sendspace next time, because I really dislike their thing where a file expires if you don't download it within 30 days.
  15. Red means a dead link. This is a recreation of Moltar's old collection; thanks to him for providing a good base. Let me know if I missed anything. CHARACTER SELECT SpongeBob SquarePants UchichaCody || MugenJF - Dchan250's edit || Skulper34 - Yuranto70's edit || idiot - First version ("Orochi SpongeBob") / Second version ("BarakaBob") / Third version ("Kung Fu Sponge") / Fourth version ("Shao Kahn SpongeBob") / Fifth version ("SlashBob") Felixmario2011 - First version ("Kinoshita Spongebob") - 70's edit / Second version - Jedipolice's edit -
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