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  • 4 weeks later...
Alright, I made two more new sprites, featuring Johnny the Hobmanical Maniac (Jhonen Vasquez's creation) and Space Ghost (for DDR's future creation).
I know I am not going to create them for Mugen. But I hope any M.U.G.E.Nite would be interested to make Johnny or Space Ghost.
Overall, my sprite of Space Ghost belongs to Derrick D. Rowell, when he will be interested to create him in future days.
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Let's analyse, shall we?


Taking this sprite as our example...

  • Where is the lightsource coming from? The front? Above? Behind? It's hard to tell when you've shaded everything individually as if each part of the sprite has its very own lightsource and subsequently ignores the lightsource of any surrounding parts; there should only be one primary light source (usually top-right or above), unless the character itself is producing light, thus illuminating the surrounding areas of the sprite, though no such thing is present with this one, nor your others.
  • No point in discussing the anatomy of these things because they're cartoons and whatnot, I guess...? Still seems weird that his back bends at such a sharp angle instead of a smooth curve.
  • That's not how you shade metal.
  • There is very little consideration for the shape of an object; I assume this guy's head is not meant to be completely flat at the front (where the light is hitting it) and does not angle sharply away from the lightsource (of which there appears to be many) as if it were a box.
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Taking GM's feedback into account...


I'm pretty sure the Doritos on his shirt are just a shirt pattern, and not actual Doritos protruding from his body as the lighting suggests.

Oh and that solid black outline on everything is just really awkward, especially when the edges of each outline makes the sprite look super pixelated. Anti-aliasing would dramatically improve the presentation.

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  • 4 weeks later...

His work looks fine to me. Small artistic errors are no big deal really, his characters actually look like the source which is a huge accomplishment over the deviant art mutations that have a proper light source, etc.



....That's NOT SPUNKY!!!!!!!! :donwan:


If he does then that's cool and if he doesn't, that's cool to, whatever, it freakin Rocko from ROCKOS MODERN LIFE!!!!!:sugoi:


Besides aren't famous artists always saying some crap about art isn't a form of rules, it's an expression and all that nonsense :P


I don't know it's something I hear a lot from hipEs. Whatever... :P

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Even in cases where he's trying to emulate the simplistic style of shows like Rocko, there's still errors. For instance;





As minimalist as the lightning of Rocko may be, at least its consistent among all objects (from the front in the former, top-down in the latter). Oh and the first pic also illustrates that Rocko's shirt pattern follows the shading of the shirt.

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Don't care, still awesome! XD




Man animate something! I'm dying for a WIP here! Lets start one already! :sugoi:


I know this is a sprite thread but this stuff needs to be mugend. these characters don't exist in this size and bit resolution size.


I especially like and would want Zim or brak's friend, i forget his name.

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On ‎10‎/‎04‎/‎2016 at 8:06 PM, AxSeeker said:

The older dib is pretty solid and I'm not at all sure about george jetson. His nose seems off?


I really hope you'll do invader zim projects though. I really wish the series didn't have to end like that.

Yeah, I would like to update Zim and Dib in new versions after Rocko as his new version. Guess what, it was Invader Zim's 15th anniversary in this year.

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22 minutes ago, Montblanc said:

These sprites are actually nice and look a lot like the source shows. Other than lighting, most of them are perfect. Not a big fan of Johnny, Dib, and George.

Keep up the good work.

I thought that Dib was one of the better sprites because the original shows drawing style was known to be polygonal.

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