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What characters do you want to be converted into mugen?


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Im so sick of MvC2 characters and the same old recycled Street Fighter characters being recycled into brand new "MvC" style. Can they do Mortal Kombat or Killer Instinct characters instead of making the 80th Sakura, or the 145th Dan. Or do like Duracelleur and Infinite and make non-capcom characters into the style? Think out the box. Please. No creativity.

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All of the Gleam of Force characters. ALL OF THEM.








Seriously, if the Gigantes and Gigante King were made without the need of individual sprites for each movement, then these characters can definitely be made! I'm surprised nobody's even tried yet!

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-Birdo (i'd Probably want it to be a sprite edit of Mike's 2nd yoshi)

-Toriel,Alphys,Undyne,Sans(undertale) (i did already noticed that theres a Papyrus and a frisk WIP by someone)

-A Paper Peach and A paper Bowser (which im currently thinking i need help with the sprites)

-Sunky and Sunky.Mpeg (by looney dude) (much like sanic but less something)

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Lets see, for me I would like to see:  


Aoba Kozue (Mahoraba)

Ares (Hercules Legendary Journeys TV Show....he was so bad ass!)

Azunyan (K-ON!)  [Dissonance is close to making this one a reality!  YAY!]

Brock Lesnar (WWE - Amazed he hasn't been made yet!)

Callisto (Xena...gotta have her ULTIMATE rival!)

Feldrence (Mahoromatic)

Hercules (Kevin Sorbo TV Series version...not the Marvel one)

Ike (Fire Emblem)

Lala Deviluke (To Love Ru)

Metagross (Pokemon)

Roman Reigns (WWE - Mainly to bury him in Mugen vids and send them to Vince on Twitter.....LOL!  xD)  

Rem (Re:Zero) [AGAIN...surprised no one has made her yet considering her UBER popularity!)

Ryuga (Mahoromatic)

Xena: Warrior Princess (Xena)

Yami (To Love Ru)






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Gillian Seed from SNATCHER

Randam Hajile from SNATCHER

A better adult Hinata Hyuga from Naruto, though I think I may create her in the future using a 3D model I have.

Crono from Chrono Trigger

A better Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion

Kei and Yuri from Dirty Pair

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Falco from Groove On Fight.  Because grandpas with magic cards are awesome.


Syn from Bloodstorm.  Because hot chicks with metal masks are awesome.


But the #1 I want to see is Divada from Weaponlord.  Because muscular blue chicks are awesome.

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Ultraman Max - Ultra Series

Ultraman 80 - Ultra Series

Roman Torchwick - RWBY
Cinder Fall - RWBY
Mettaton EX - Undertale

Sumireko Usami - Touhou Project (TH12.3 sprites)

ANY Danganronpa character (preferrably Mondo Oowada)

Tito "Dick" Dickman - The Nutshack

Takanuva - BIONICLE

Makoa - Paladins

Drogoz - Paladins

Skye - Paladins

Cassie - Paladins

(well, anyone from Paladins in all honesty)

a decent Frisk (Undertale)

Joey Wheeler (Yu-Gi-OH)

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Gekko - Kaiser Knuckle

Hanzo - Samurai Shodown 1

Charlotte - Samurai Shodown 2

Salamander  - Martial Champion

Kinta Kokuin & Saizo  - Power Instinct 2/Legends

Tiny - Clayfighter 1

The Rude Brothers - Vendetta

Riptide - Eternal Champions CftDS

Krang - TMNT Tournament Fighters (Genesis)

All characters other than Hothead - Tournament Fighters NES

Blood Falcon - F-Zero*

Larke Tanner - Beverly Hills Teens*

Simon Bar Sinister - Underdog

Cool McCool - Cool McCool

Milton - Milton the Monster

Thundarr - Thundarr the Barbarian*

Cornholio - Beavis & Butthead*

Roxy & Jetta - Jem and the Holograms*

Peter Potamus - Peter Potamus and His Magic Flying Balloon

Roger Ramjet - Roger Ramjet

Tiger Tornado - Tennessee Tuxedo and his Tales

The Flash - JLTF Genesis

Sidney & the Rhino - Sidney the Elephant

Multiman - The Impossibles

Misterjaw - The Pink Panther





*Character can be recycled from sprites of pre-converted characters ;-)

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