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Mortal Kombat Edits (Ninjas / Female Ninjas and Cyborgs)


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Thanks for another wonderful collection!

No prob bro. :)


Some .gifs are broken. :/

Really TDX? It looks good for me. :jackiechan:


Ben was just updated for mugen 1.1 a few days ago. i should know because it is my character.


Superben himself lol. :D

Nice to know that man. Added in the first post. Thanks! :)

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Gifs fixed. Tell me if is working or not and i'll host them in a different site.


Ruby was in the Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm TV show. Wouldn't she be in the normal character section like Hornbuckle?

Hmmm, maybe... Idk if i'll move her to the MK collection or not.

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Now, here's the big question.

Which ones are actually worthwhile?

Oh, that's a good question lol.


Added new edits. Check in MK2 NINJA EDITS. MK3 NINJA EDITS 4 and CYBORG EDITS 2.

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