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July / 11 / 2013
Added - Midnight Pleasure's Missing "noFG"
Added - Hitboxes to Demon Blast 1 and 2.
Added - Midnight Bliss' Missing Frames.
Fixed - Air Recovery from Demon Cradle (Both).
Fixed - Chaos Flare 2, being spamable. (Not Spamable anymore)
Fixed - Helper collisions, There all correct now (hitoverride-ed)
Tweaked - Negative Stolen damage decreased to 150.
Tweaked - Demon Blast 1 & 2 Knock Opponent Down.
Tweaked - "Time > 10" , to movecontact.
Tweaked - While dashing Demon Cradle is easier to pull off.
Tweaked - Bat Spin, to allow player to attack after hitting, NOT COMBOABLE, but enough to defend self, or attack once.

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Hey Ryon I didn't know you made and released a Demitri!  Let me get it now...............will get back to you later soon!


Finished playing with your Demitri (July 11th 2013 version)! 


One word:  SOLID!


You paid so much attention to details like the Chaos Flare2 bat and throws states and such.

Those uses of many Helper and TargetBind........I understand how much effort it takes to tweak for harmonies.


And, your use of RemapPal in statedef -2 is something new to me!  Now I learn how to use RemapPal from your cool Demitri.


Just can't wait for you to complete the missing parts!  Keep us updated!


I haven't played Capcom Fighting Evolution so I am not sure whether there should be a "missed throws" sound/voice.


A typo in your readme:


Chaos Flare - Down, Forward, Punch*

Chaos Flare2 - Down, Back, Punch*

Demon Cradle - Forward, Down, Forward, Kick

Diagonal Demon Cradle - (Dash) -> Forward, Down, Forward, Kick

Bat Spin -  Down, Back, Kick*


Both Demon Cradles should use punches.......

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