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  1. Stopping by Archive later on to see whats worth downloading, does anyone need a character or anything from there? Also, could I trouble any to turn this render into a transparent PNG, please? (Remove the White outline as well, if possible.)



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    2. Kazagami


      Was thinking that FUJY's Mecha Potemkin could really use a new link. Hope that's not too much of a request :)

    3. CozySquirtle
    4. Kazagami


      Thanks buddy! ✌️

  2. I don't suppose you know the authors name? I can see if I can grab Goodra for you, but no promises. Is this the Goodra?: https://www.mediafire.com/file/d3ei6buqoy0gjzr/goodra.zip/file
  3. Could I please trouble somebody to make this image transparent, please? Thank you and Happy Holidays, MFFA Family.



    1. Kazagami
    2. CozySquirtle


      @RyouThank you so very much! Happy Holidays!

    3. Kazagami


      Thanks, may you have a good one too @CozySquirtle.

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