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  1. I'm pretty excited to see a complete version of Taiga, I bet she's gonna kick some major ass.
  2. In a previous post, I had created a very small supplemental patch that would allow for characters from the Super Fighter game (created by Super Fighter Team) to work in MUGEN 1.0 & 1.1. Unfortunately, while it did allow for these characters to function, they had all sorts of problems, such as: Hitsparks were broken Sounds didn't work Characters died easily Everything was generally garbage But, I didn't realize, that on MFG, someone had already taken the time to properly fix these characters and the stages from the game, so that it works in regular MUGEN 1.0/1.1. So, if you would like to have this COMPLETE collection, you can download everything in the link below. Super Fighter (1.0 & 1.1) (fixed by ZombieBrock) FIXES Bullet, Frank, Jaan, Joker, Kim Tai Chi, Lan, Onimaru, Phoenix, Red Man, Sarkov, Widow STAGES
  3. Big shoutout to gui0007 for making the original thread. Unfortunately, it seems he might have abandoned it, so I decided to make a much more fleshed out one. (TVTropes.org) Daraku Tenshi: The Fallen Angels is a 1998 2D Fighting Game developed by The Steel Hearts development team and published by Psikyo. It is their second attempt in the 2D versus fighting genre after Battle K-Road. This game is known for mainly two things. One, that it was developed by ex- SNK designers. And two, for being incomplete when it was released despite some pretty ambitious plans for the time. Notably, the presence of four character sprites that never got fleshed out as full parts of the roster. Rumor has it that the devs went back to SNK after the game's rushed release. This is supported by how many of the characters (both finished and unfinished) have striking resemblances to fighters that later appeared in The King of Fighters series and Garou: Mark of the Wolves. Yatagarasu, also made by the same development team, is seen as a Spiritual Successor. CHARACTERS Carlos, Cool, Haiji, Harry Ness, Ruccio Roche, Tarล, Torao Onigawara, Trigger, Yuiran, Yuiren QUICK NOTE Despite this game being incomplete, all of the characters created by Tommy-Gun are actually complete and have a full moveset, no missing sprites (as far as I remember), and have quite a solid amount of gameplay value. As for MASS and others, I'm pretty sure MASS's work is also really good, as is Sakaraka's, but other than that... not quite sure about everyone else. You can download everything (characters, stages, sprite rips) by clicking on this link.
  4. https://www.mediafire.com/file/1zw15141o0jjuqu/Machinegun_Unit_%28by_Sumin2393%29.zip/file Machinegun Unit (by Sumin2393) https://www.mediafire.com/file/d26dq50tuol14yr/Pincer_Unit_%28by_Sumin2393%29.zip/file Pincer Unit (by Sumin2393) https://www.mediafire.com/file/iwld4qddax1dgrs/Chowmein-Conga_%28by_Sumin2393%29.zip/file Chowmein-Conga (by Sumin2393) REUPLOADS, since Sumin's site no longer links to any of his characters.
  5. Here's Nozomu Setoki (by IF) Since this character otherwise only seems available on MA.
  6. FINALLY, after some intense digging, here you go, the actual "Priere" by IF
  7. REUPLOAD: Stupa's Etna (new) Some of the other links in this thread are down.
  8. Yeah, trust me, I was concerned when I looked at it to. I think, maybe its supposed to be a sound, and less of a like... "anti-gay" thing. Ya know. Like uhh... ZWAAAAAAAANG is a sound sort of, but nothing we can think of exactly sounds like that. So I imagine. "homo" is also a sound, probably like... I dunno... maybe a big truck or something. >_< Either way, its whatever.
  9. Another Character Found Homo (by DotZone) Homo is a character similar to BULLDOZER, but they seem to have quite a vast moveset. (This character is already added to my MEGA)
  10. NEW CHALLENGERS APPEAR Well, not exactly new... but after some digging around, I found these. Chinpoppo (by Zirou) No idea what the origins are, but I mean, it is clearly part of the main crew of cat and cat-ish looking ASCII characters. Mitsubachi (by Ronisaka) From what I can gather, this seems to be a meme based on some kind of celebrity. Puggy (by PKRS) Seems to have a well-rounded moveset. Pretty solid overall. Suicideman (by UNKNOWN AUTHOR/unsigned) I mean, the name speaks for itself. It dies instantly and in turn, kills the opponent immediately as well. Not sure if there's any deeper context to it. Temtan (by Matsuri Atono) Based on my findings, it seems to be based on a Japanese TV station mixed with Super Sentai or something like that. Its pretty awesome, has solid combos. You can find all these characters (and in fact, this entire collection) in my MEGA.NZ (rehosted, of course). BIG SHOUTOUT to Kazagami for keeping this alive. You rock!
  11. Created by Chryplix, Indie Fight The Game is well... I don't really know what to call it. If anything, its a game similar to Mortal Kombat but with some aspects of King of Fighters in it. In all honesty, its an... ehhh... its a game. I mean, it isn't awful, but it certainly doesn't stand up to the scrutiny of the more... preferable homebrew games, such as Dong Dong Never Die or Mortal Kombat Too. So, I mean... if you just so happen to want these characters, well... here they are. I honestly have nothing to say about any of these, they fight, they're pretty decent, could use a bit of polishing here and there. >>DOWNLOAD<< QUICK NOTE All of these characters were created for WinMugen, so included is a file called "required.cns" that should make them usable in 1.0 and possibly 1.1, I'm not quite sure, but this was included in a pack that came with these characters. So I'm not 100% sure what this is, but I can only assume this does exactly what I said above. Otherwise, no idea.
  12. Player-One and NexT-One are two brothers from Brazil, very well known for making both fantastic stages, but also, alongside people like 1zjxx, Pre-To, KEYSER, and Kotori, make some of the most brutal characters. Unfortunately, they no longer make any of their characters or creations public anymore. Not sure why this is, but if I had to guess, probably because they didn't want it on [REDACTED]. Listed below, are all the characters that they made available to the public, while the rest of their stuff (stages and screenpack) is also available in the download link. You can check their YouTube accounts to see previews of those. >>DOWNLOAD<< YS Edits Geese, Jenet, Kyoko, Leona, Rock, Shermie Oswald Edits Classic Fang, Daisu Miyazaki, Gustabson, Hanari Mori, Kaiser Gustab, Meld Omega Rozwel, Oswald 3rd, Phantom Oswald, Rozwel, Siegmund, Yukida Adelheid Bernstein Edits Adelheid_B, N Dark Adel, Shin Adel, Spektro Adel Rugal/God Rugal Edits Atlas, Hunter U6746, SVC Rugal Iori Edits Element Yagami, KID IORI KUSANAGI Krizalid Edits Omega Krizalid, Zerozalid, Yen Wang Blood Edits Vanessa Blood, Zero Blood Additional Edits Another Angel, Akemi Miyazaki, Clay Geese, GANGSTER KYO YAGAMI High-Tech Whip, N-Zeroko, Psyqhical Type-G, Wind MMXIX NOTES Characters that say (REVISED) next to them in the files, are still completely originally edited by Player-One & NexT-One, they are not edits of their characters, just updated versions. If you want to see what their stages look like, go to their YouTube pages.
  13. Thank God MFFA is back, I was really gonna be sad if I would have to re-do all my threads all over again on some other site.

  14. Now, let me preface this by saying... there is a fine line between CHEAP characters and BRUTAL characters, and all of Kotori's edits fall into the BRUTAL category. All of his characters (and edits of other people's characters), while insanely difficult to fight against (some more than others), are beatable with non-cheap, non-brutal characters, you just need to basically pin them down and never miss a shot or a block or a dodge. With that said, this is the KOTORI collect. Kotori is extremely well known for being pretty much the top-notch creator of "how AI should be" (in my opinion, anyways) when it comes to creating a character that can hold their own, if not completely dominate the competition. With a very small handful of challenges against them that aren't cheap (i.e. Player-One/NexT One, Pre-To, and 1zjxx), Kotori's edits are next to impossible to beat. These characters, without a doubt, will beat you down so bad, you might just end up rage quitting. So, enjoy this (hopefully complete) collection of KOTORI's characters... some of the most badass AI I have ever had the pleasure of fighting against (and constantly lose to). >> DOWNLOAD << 2B-Kyo, Chalice, Dr. Yang, Dragon-Ken Robert-EX, Geese-Kai*, King-EX/Neo King*, Kyo-213* Kyo-233*, Kyo-666*, Lee Fang Boo, MK Nakoruru-K, S_Chang (Smart Chang), Sakamoto, WS-King* QUICK NOTE: Characters with a * next to them, are Kotori originals, while the rest are edits that Kotori did of someone else's character (or are characters that were slightly improved by another person (i.e. graphics update, etc).
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY PlasmoidThunder

  16. Finally, after some serious digging and with the help of a few people from the community, we now have the COMPLETE collection of Mmmmachi's characters + a special guest character based off of them. So, for those unaware... Mmmmachi is firstly, a fantastic artist with a very particular art style (basically, if you were to look at their art, all of the stuff looks exactly the same more or less), but they also have some fantastic characters. Unfortunately though, because these characters are 18+/NSFW, they are often frowned upon or looked down on for being purely for people to spank their monkey to. But, if you take the time to appreciate the art style and the craftsmanship put into them, you will see, that each of these characters, has the ability to be a formidable foe. So, without any more talking... enjoy the complete collection of Mmmmachi. You can view Mmmmachi's Twitter and Pixiv at the links, both contain NSFW content. โ†“ THERE ARE NO NSFW SPRITES ON THIS PAGE โ†“ Download all characters HERE. DRACULINA LAURA VAMPIRE MILLARCA PAFIO VAMPY VAMPIRESS SPECIAL GUEST RIZ NOT SHOWN (but included in the download) Draculina (NSFW removed edit) by BATHORY Draculina (more NSFW edit) by BETMARK
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    Wishing you a Happy Birthday

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    Happy Birthday

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    Well well well, its that time of the year again

    as always, you're a year older, but with this

    new year, comes new opportunities.


    Thank you so much for everything you do,

    much love, much respect, and much thanks.

  20. UPDATE: Added Karate Champ (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wa9qNTpE8Do) BONUS UPDATE: Everything has been transferred to Mega.nz
  21. UPDATE: Added William's new character, the Sandbag (in 8-bit form) from Super Smash Bros.
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