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Collection remade. Click in the author name to download.




ec_blade.gif          ec_larcen.gif          ec_midk.gif          ramses_ec.gif          ec_rax.gif

Jonathan Blade: Keioh || Larcen Tyler: Juan Carlos || Midknight: Juan Carlos || Ramses III: Juan Carlos || R.A.X Coswell: Juan Carlos


ec_shadow.gif          ec_slash.gif          ec_trident.gif          ec_xavier.gif          senator_ec.gif

Shadow Yamoto: Leonheart / Eternian || Slash: Keioh || Trident: Keioh || Xavier Pendragon: Juan Carlos & Keioh || Senator: Hsieh / Unknown Creator(G.W/Spriteswap)


echamp1_ec.gif          r5k-I_VtLGBR5oeOeQ0zL6PiL06pdW3Cv9n1bemH          echamp2_ec.gif

Eternal Champion: Supermystery(1.0) || Crispy: MC2 || Dark Eternal Champion: Supermystery(1.0)




fWmiIxo.gif          RzQ034n.gif          Xg1pjM4.gif          NyKZBZo.gif          gi4ij8d.gif          FWNKgfK.gif          tn7KSFP.gif

Thomas "Blast" Chavez, Chin Wo, Dawson McShane, Jetta Max, Raven Gindar, Sophia "Riptide" de Medici and Thanatos



Stages by Antagonist || Stages by Vampipe || Stages by Nori-ban || Washington DC by DrKelexo

Stages by ELECTRO || Eternity Complex by Supermystery || Cimmerian Complex by Supermystery and Lansman

Battle Room by Scorcher || Stages by Juan Carlos: Abu Sembal's Temple / Salem / Cyber Dome / Chicago's Theater



Screenpack: by Juan Carlos(Winmugen/320x240) - Glisp's Update(Winmugen/320x240)

Patches by Glisp: SFF's Pallete Fix / CNS and SND Updates / Eternal Champion and Dark Eternal Champion CNS and SND Updates

Sprites Rips: Genesis Ver. || Sega CD Ver.

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