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  1. Looks like all the images are broken, also.
  2. ldvhl

    DC Comics

    I imagine all these characters are MvC style?
  3. Should label her as MvC style, that's how her release video labels her.
  4. I'm probably being blind/stupid, but I don't see Li Mei nor Sindel by Rusher on MEGA?
  5. Thank you for restarting this collection!
  6. Is there a video or release thread for armin's Carl Johnson? I'm interested in seeing how he plays.
  7. I'm not faulting the creators here at all, I'm sure they did a great job with the conversion, but are they worth checking out? I can't tell based on the game footage I found on YouTube.
  8. Armin_Iuf released Shadow Geist: http://www.mediafire.com/file/vzny74cnchpms2h/Shadowgeist.rar
  9. The links to Chrono Strife's site appear to no longer be valid.
  10. ldvhl

    Mutant DNA

    That's awesome. Thanks for posting these as well!
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