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  1. Thanks a million! I used her some on Blade Arcus, so I'm interested in trying out Borewood's MUGEN incarnation of her.
  2. Can someone please post an alternate link to it that isn't on OneDrive? I'm having a hard time downloading it from there.
  3. Looks interesting...but where's the link?
  4. Ah, so you're a business, then? You run a service that countless people use? Yeah, get out of here with that argument. Unless you, yourself, run a business that requires you to upkeep something via ads, then you cannot make that argument. As a matter of fact, the ads that you mentioned with Google and Youtube are non-intrusive and can be ignored in most cases. You don't have to sit through every single video and watch an ad each time you want to see a cat playing a piano, or have to look at a fake download screen each time you search for something on Google. As for Mediafire, yeah, I agree, they should get rid of the popup ads as the ones on the download page are more than enough. However, I will also say that at least you can close out of Mediafire ads immediately and don't have to sit there and stare at them for a while unlike with ad.fly links. In fact, that argument would make ad.fly links even worse, especially if they're linked to a Mediafire page! So, good job attempting to grasp for straws. You know you're on the wrong side of this argument, so it's better to just drop the whole topic and try your best to assimilate with the community instead of trying to act like everyone but you is some kind of cultist or kook. It makes you look very foolish.
  5. Alright, I'm siding with RP on this. This is incredibly silly of you to argue about all because you want people to click those ad.fly links so that you can get some of them sweet shekels for your work. No, forget that, I'm not going to waste my time staring at an ad just so that I can get a character for MUGEN. Even if I had to stare at an ad for 1 second, I wouldn't bother clicking the link. And the way you present that scan like it's 100% clear proof that the site is clean makes me laugh. It's like someone saying they'll give you a brick for your house you have to build for free, but only if you run around it for a short while while there are snake holes all over, and as proof it's safe, they present you a picture of someone doing it while the holes are covered up completely. You might be willing to do it the first few times, but as you keep doing it, it starts becoming very annoying and you hear reports of people getting bitten by snakes while doing it, so you just opt for finding other bricks elsewhere. Probably a silly analogy, but still, it should get the point across. You can say things like, "But you can use AdBlock!", or, "But it isn't even that long of a wait time!" Not all people have Adblock or know what it is, and not everyone has the energy to run circles around the brick you're offering. If you insist on putting your creations behind Adfly links, you might as well just put them behind a paywall or something because you and I both know that's exactly why you've put your creation behind and Ad.fly link: for money. What you need to do is get over your greed and be generous like most other creators who put their time into making the amazing creations out there for free. Why should you inconvenience possible fans of your work by throwing up hurdle after hurdle? Do you not want the most people possible to enjoy it? If so, why not make a site to post it at privately and only share it to your friends? That way, only the people you trust get the creation and nobody else. Maybe your friends will be willing to click your ad.fly links, but I won't. TL;DR: Ad.fly is for greedy bastards. Don't be a greedy bastard.
  6. I sure wish someone had some Baalfog artwork!

  7. Using ADX files as BGM for stages in Mugen 1.1b1 Hello, I'm trying to figure out how I can configure Mugen 1.1b1 to use .ADX files for BGM in some stages, specifically Random Talking Bush's KSSU stages. I have the in_cube.dll Winamp plugin, and I have placed it in the plugins folder, and I have added a line for it in the mugen.cfg file under [Music], but the music still seems to refuse to play. So, I'm wondering if there's a process I need to follow in order to use the music for Mugen 1.1b1, or if it's even possible at all. Thanks in advance!
  8. (Looks like it's safe to post.) Kahrelimi found herself being pushed back by the shockwave, the dog girl planting her staff into the ground to keep herself from sliding back too far. She seemed to be doing well, despite the elemental differences, though her clothing was somewhat singed. Once she came to a halt, the swirling winds from before started to surround her, a spiked ball of ice slowly forming above her staff's head as she held it up. Kahrelimi: Keep it distracted for as long as you can! I'll try to freeze its arms, and when I do, aim for them and try to shatter them! Fiona found herself being blown away by the shockwave as she was too distracted with dealing with Iblis' encroaching army. Fiona: Waaaaaah! This is quite unfortunaaaaaate! She slid to a halt a good distance away from the action, but quickly picked herself and her sword up and started to run back to come to their aid. Fiona: It seems I was too focused on the minions! I suppose I should pay attention to my surroundings instead of just them!
  9. 77ffe7c287.png Is this supposed to happen?

  10. Is Mediafire down for anyone else?

  11. Kahrelimi noticed Argento's actions, but reacted quickly to the movements of Iblis and pointed her frost-shrouded staff at Iblis' head. Kahrelimi: I don't know why you wanna stop the guy that'll probably put an end to it, but this thing isn't attacking on my watch! By now, the ice gathering above the head of her staff had formed a large spiked ice ball. She proceeded to send the massive ball of ice at Iblis' head, attempting to cover it with ice as well. Kahrelimi: This thing is going to be nothing more than a pile of ice and rock when I'm finished with it! (OOC: Let's pretend Fiona was on the ground the whole time instead of on Ultraman's shoulder, okay? Okay!) Fiona, meanwhile, managed to finally gather up the bravery she needed to deal with the minions of Iblis that were encroaching upon the group engaged with the massive molten creature, the girl swinging her sword around in what appeared to be a rather clumsy, yet effective, manner, somehow managing to cut apart every minion her sword encountered with hardly any trouble. Fiona: Foul beasts, you shall come no further! This creature shall be banished back to where it came from, and none shall prevent us from succeeding in our goal! Goodness shall prevail!
  12. Kahrelimi witnessed LightFlare's powerful attack with awe, seeing the damage it dealt. She then looked up at the unconscious beast, ice still gathering in the head of her staff. She was staring at it, ready to unleash her magic when necessary. Kahrelimi: That was amazing, LightFlare, and it's a pleasure to meet you, too! But be on your guard. I've fought many creatures that pretended to be defeated, only to get back up and strike when you least expect it. In fact... She raised her staff and hands into the air, a cold wind surrounding the area around her. Icicles started to form amidst the wind and began to gather above the head of her staff. Kahrelimi: ...let's put an end to him before he can even have the chance of becoming more of a threat! Fiona, from atop her position on Ultraman's shoulder, watched the battle between the people and the creature with awe and envy. If only she was that strong. However, she also noticed the battle upon the rooftop, and pointed at it. Fiona: There seems to be a second battle occurring on a roof nearby. I cannot tell who is all involved from here, but it appears to be a very intense battle. Perhaps we should aid one of them? I can tell that Iblis is currently pacified, so it is of no threat at the moment, but this battle I am observing may threaten the city itself...
  13. A massive spear of ice was sent towards Iblis' torso, one large enough possibly solidify part of the creature's body around the spear's contact area. From behind Oro came Kahrelimi once again, a staff glowing with mana in her grasp and a sword radiating with a pink energy upon her back. She appeared to be building up frost in the head of the staff. Kahrelimi: Here I am! It's about time we doused this overgrown flame before it can scorch anything else!
  14. Fiona was attempting to comprehend everything that had just occurred between Tommy and the male who called himself Seth. "Special"? "Kill faster than I can"? "Night Blade"? The last thing she wanted to do was kill anyone, and the only thing that she could think of that could make her special was her exceptional cooking ability...and possibly her sword...unless there was something else she had no idea she was even capable of. She continued to ponder the thought from the safety of Ultraman's shoulder...until she heard the roar and saw the fires. Fiona: Oh my goodness, this is looking very bad! If we do not put out these flames, then the entirety of the city shall be consumed by them! But that roar...and that being...that must be Iblis, no doubt! What are we to do?! Fiona considered trying her hand at being a leader, but since she wasn't really the best leader, let alone good at anything other than cooking, she decided against it and only hoped for someone to take the lead.