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  1. Hey dude, you could reupload Sho Nuff and Peter Griffin(moleboxed SMM game) in the DDR Character Collection, if you need download link, i could gave you..or check in Mugenarchive for more info search Sho Nuff authorname DDR and same thind does with Peter Griffin, you can contact me here, okay?

  2. Correct, they are template from Underdog files..but they act differently like Hong Kong Phooey as a base Sho Nuff but use some changes..TOTALLY is different..is just a leftover from the Underdog stuff..nothing more, yeah?
  3. Someone needs to fix the download link for Sho Nuff (the original link) and Peter Griffin(moleboxed)...or just asks me for someone can reupload again this.
  4. Hello Dude i found this in Mugenarchive <Mod edit: Blacklisted url removed> Its leaked versión and ripoff from the game moleboxed Saturday Morning Mayhem game by DDR.

  5. Hello i found a leaked versión and from Saturday Morning Mayhem Game from DDR Fly Flea <Mod edit: Blacklisted url removed>

  6. You are Welcome, Thanks for using my stuff.

  7. You're welcome :3 coming soon i will update my characters..because they are beta form.
  8. Also i want to hear the original english versión for Roger Smith(American Dad) by Warner..if somebody can make better soundpack..will be cool..
  9. Hello community i made 1.0 versión for Roger Smith http://www.mediafire.com/file/veg5okrp2cgl9co/Roger+Smith+1.0.rar i just edit some small changes in his cns..and etc..you can contact me in YouTube for information, Alexei Stukov. Greetings!
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