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What characters are hard for you to beat?

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Omega Tiger Woods 2008 by JNG

Shadow Gardevoir by Kater15

Broken Clippit by Altzer

Luka Megurine By So

Various Crappy Made Chars

Few of Ahuron's Hokuto No Ken Chars

Muteki's Guilty Gear Chars

Metool by N64mario (A.I. Patch)

Nanarman by Gaelik

Shao Kahn by Kazmer13

Godzilla by SnowWolf

Zatsune Miku By Simon99514

Venom By Unkoman

Shuma Gorath By ゴマ

Bonnie The Bunny by Adrian

Stick Ryutaro by Ryutaro


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On ‎5‎/‎11‎/‎2017 at 4:03 PM, Weiss_Circal said:

-Akemi by Noodles: has an AI that is all up your face, stats higher then the average character and a move that is a unblockable and gives her invincibility.

-Ryoko by Yukimiti: she won't stay still for one second, has priority up the ass and her projectiles have no blue hitboxes.

-Giygas by The_None: first phase isn't a big deal, but the second phase is hell. It covers the screen in static, can use any of its PSI moves at will (some of which fill the screen), and some of its death traps are cheap.

-Clippy by The_None; zero cooldown or startup time for any of his attacks, screen-filling supers and an annoying striker in the form of Tumblr's Coppy.

Senna by Songfu: has an AI that will combo-rape you. Nuff said

-Ono Kohaku by a creator who's name I'm too lazy to look up: same with Senna.


Here's some updates:


-It seems Ryoko's projectiles do have blue hitboxes, but for some reasons they don't affect counters that works against projectiles.


-Ryoko has a cheap unblockable. As in, it has no start up time and it comes out pretty quick.

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Infinite's characters
R@CE AKIR@'s characters
Buckus's characters
SennouRoom's characters
Cafe's characters
OGGY's characters
Kamekaze's characters
Rajaaboy's characters

Ikaruga's characters
varo_hades's characters
Descolor's characters

Boryema's characters

Celica Sylphil by ark

Rock Howard by Warusaki3

Black Canary by Magus (Fought in my Retard Bashing vid)

Powergirl and Moondragon by NinjBrl (Also fought in my Retard Bashing vid)



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