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  1. I log in only/just to provide my MUGEN update.......... Wholly Molly BoyBoyz long time no see man how are you doing lately? Thank you for you MUGEN bug report, here is my BA Wang Pairon MUGEN update: MUGEN update 2017-03-27: @BoyBoyz: >> There's a bug, where when you walk against her, she will either be pushed back very slowly, or even walk forward against your character. The auto walking forward thing happened against M.Ranmaru character. I did that "hard-to-move-her-idle" on purpose, but I forgot to fix that "auto walking forward thing" when Pairon's MUGEN Enemy has non-1:1 fixed it just! @Staubhold: >> Bug is still in there...Try to recreate it, had "better" results by doing the following. In the corner, crouching z knockdown, let p2 stand up, do the knock down again and then the Dragon King's Roar. The hit sound bug plays even before the actual projectile. Sound plays in her "charge up" phase. Finally I could replicate the MUGEN bug that you keep reporting to me! That was not SFA's hit sounds; rather, that was the sound when Pairon's MUGEN Victim falls on the ground, now fixed it finally! @Dumanios: >> stupa's "Training" MUGEN character (with autoguard ON) couldn't guard/block many Pairon's attacks Well, even having AttackDist values with guard.dist = 0 in HitDef&Projectile MUGEN state controllers, the CPU/A.I. is having a MUGEN problem.... but for human players that is working..........anyway, now fixed it just........ >> Pairon's attack (i.e. Celestial Dragon Kick SFA) missed Saki Omokane during a corner combo Well, it was not Pairon's MUGEN default, it was Saki Omokane's "Tripped" animation Action 5070 has no blue collision boxes: ; Tripped [Begin Action 5070] 5080,0, 0,0, 3 5080,1, 0,0, 3 5080,2, 0,0, -1 Even when I put Pairon's "Tripped" MUGEN Victim in my MUGEN Custom States, I don't want to give him/her/it a custom "Tripped" animation, because every MUGEN character has his/her/its own "Tripped" animation and it is up to the MUGEN creator/author to make their Action 5070 invincible like Saki Omokane's... => added the missing note about the "Ryuga Helper/Assist doesn't give any damages to the MUGEN Enemy during his Support Intervention (SI)" to the MUGEN_Manual.html => made some Pairon's MUGEN A.I. changes (very minor...) Well, even after a Pairon's MUGEN A.I. change, she still cannot defeat this "Colossal Attack on Titan" : ------------------------------------------------------------------- MUGEN update 2017-03-17: @Staubhold: - About that SFA-hit-sound-still-heard-when-not-actually-hitting-P2 MUGEN bug, since I couldn't replicate that myself, I took your MUGEN advice: "Looks like p2 has to hit/almost hit the ground at the same time as the SFA starts..." and then I just now restricted both SFA's hit sounds to make sure it is not taking place when Pairon's MUGEN Victim falls down on the ground, in hope of trying to fix this "rare-and-hard-to-replicate" MUGEN bug... - >> Why can´t I use Pairon against Pairon? It is because a Pairon vs Pairon can give a bunch of MUGEN bugs which I have yet to figure out how to fix......... - >> IMO she needs more electricity sound effects.... In the PC BA source game, there is no electricity sound effects when hitting a player with all her electrical attacks.......but since you mentioned it, I just now took the "Custom" label advantage and added the SFA start-up electricity sound effect to all her electrical attacks...... - >> Are you sure about her name? Cause I researched and found "Won Pairon", "Wang Pairon" and even "Wong Pairon"... IMO stay with the source naming and just call her "Pairon". Sorry but I tend to like use full names like "Wang Pairon" in MUGEN. Please look closely her swimsuit poster (the right hand side of that) shows that it is "Wang Pairon" in a vertically aligned text......... Other update: - fixed that when facing some smaller MUGEN characters (with smaller hit boxes), sometimes Pairon's Reversal Strike (RF) might miss her MUGEN Enemy... - added the missing "For Pairon's MUGEN Enemy" note for the "8) No Killing/Defeat by Chip Damage" part to the very important MUGEN_Manual.html.... Please get my "Custom Experimental BA Wang Pairon" MUGEN update if anyone here cares:
  2. MFFA's Shit Thread: Chimichanga Edition

    Wow, I can just still log in to MFFA here? Anyway, I give up now. MediaFire asked me for proofs and I don't know what I can give to them. Therefore, you won. I lost. I just now want to drop by only to thank Sookie, Pac-Trail, Niitris, Galvatron whom I assume still care to try out my MUGEN stuff. Thank you Sookie, Pac-Trail, Niitris, Galvatron for your interest in my Custom_Experimental_TRF2_Greed. Since you won't probably go to my OneDrive again to download the official complete ZIP file, I yield/surrender now and just made an online version of the very important MUGEN_Manual.html for you: I put so much effort in making this MUGEN_Manual.html but it just went in vain in the first place. I have tried to make some HTML before, but the standard is very outdated by now. So I went to and tried to learn some new thing like the CSS that is something so abstract to me. Then I tried to look for some image pop-up effects and even tried to use HTML5 to show my "Custom_Experimental_TRF2_Greed_vs_SF3TS_Gill.mp4". The time and effort I spent on this MUGEN_Manual.html was much more than the TRF2_Greed mugenization itself. And I value my MUGEN_Manual.html much more than a mere MUGEN character as a MUGEN character is not a big deal while the ideas I want to share by my MUGEN_Manual.html is a much bigger deal. All thanks go to Zzyzzyxx aka Rimu who got me into TRF2 since the year of 2014, and his reimu_z_beta that inspired me so much about TRF2 mugenization. While MvsC, GG, AH, BB, FOTNS, JoJo, KOF, and all those next-gen FTGs that I even have no access to, are too hard for me to understand and play, I found TRF2 quite interesting and not that hard to get a hand on. I really hope you can try and like this 2005 gem -- TRF2, the source game, not my poor MUGEN execution of course. I guess Zzyzzyxx aka Rimu also wants more MUGEN users to know more about TRF2...... Please understand all the MUGEN bloods/sweats/tears I put to every single text and image and video in this of my MUGEN_Manual.html. I am sure after you take at least a look at my MUGEN_Manual.html you may think missing reading that is a big loss. So again thank you very much because I am now begging you to help me rescue my valuable MUGEN_Manual.html. Alright, the Gmod must want me to stop now. I stop now and don't want to waste more time on this unexpected MUGEN incident. The time I wasted on this, was enough for me to finish some 10%-15% of my other MUGEN WIPs. I hope this reply of mine won't disappear as it carries crucial part that try to explain the game play Zzyzzyxx aka Rimu and I have given to this Custom_Experimental_TRF2_Greed. If by any means this post is going to be edited by Gmod, then I just beg badly that at least keep the online version of my MUGEN_Manual.html here. Thank a bunch! Have a nice day. [EDIT]: oh by the way, it take some time to load up the online MUGEN_Manual.html as you know it cannot be compared to the perfect offline version.
  3. MFFA's Shit Thread: Chimichanga Edition

    Whatever. You are the mod here. You are the boss. Do whatever you want. I know your life is much higher than any low lives like mine. Just do it! Without 2nd second thought! I am a mod at MMV too I know what you can do. Remember you are dealing with Ex-Werewood here.
  4. MFFA's Shit Thread: Chimichanga Edition

    You know what, once I know you have become a mod in MFFA, I don't foresee any days of coming back to MFFA because you are the number 1 ****wood hater. You already forgot those "Werewood vs MFG" days.......did you? I don't care your warning. Be a man and come to MMV and both you and I can have some fun.
  5. MFFA's Shit Thread: Chimichanga Edition

    I really don't want to post something like this here, but I just can't stand it any longer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I plan to post in MFFA on Ryon's coming big day 2015 to greet him soon but now........shit happens........I just want to remove the line "MUGEN Free For All - Borewood's 1st MUGEN home" in my Credit_and_Thank_You.txt Last time it was TrinitroMan who wrongly accused me of some MUGEN thief deed, this time you MUGEN people..............right here: Wholly Molly I already avoid all ****wood haters like plague (no more YouTube login/upload, no more posting in MFG and MFFA), but you MUGEN people just don't leave me alone in all those/these years. Did I rape your precious MUGEN offsprings some time ago? Now I demand you to remove all of my MUGEN stuff from the MFFA database and warehouse, oh and my forum section too. Just pointless to keep them here in MFFA as I don't know those what you have changed my MUGEN files for file uploads to the MFFA database and warehouse. Although I am not be able to control your actions, I also don't want to see any of my MUGEN-related news posted in MFFA and MFG. Oh well. Nothing I can do besides doing this. I truly understand e-bashing/e-trolling/e-bullying/e-haunting to some people is a must in their life. Damned if you find my MUGEN stuff so disturbing, then why bother posting it as some MUGEN news!?!?!?!?! By the way, you forgot to delete my most-MUGEN-people-hated "Borewood_MUGEN_story.txt", how carelessly :p Read this, my newest MUGEN foe Mr. green head big R:
  6. Happy Birthday to Me

    I drop by just to want to say "Happy Birthday" to Laharl. Although you and I have some different MUGEN opinions, we have one (1) thing in common for sure: "We believe in caring is sharing in MUGEN!" Wish you a wonderful Birthday and a MUGEN Extension that brings MFFA to the next level! By the way, the new MFFA forum software is cool~ Bye! P.S. My next drop-by may be on 11/25........another big day in MFFA.........
  7. I'M MOVIN' OUT *Cue song*

    "Borewood's Creations" forum section is for lease now. Previous lease contract has just been broken by the tenant (me) and expired (see spoiler below). I am busy moving MUGEN Home. Call me at MMV-U3189. Last but not least, please promote Staubhold to the Evaluator role, he deserves it very much.
  8. Custom AB Bonus Round released 2014-08-16

    Good point you made. Well, in my own MUGEN dictionary, "Custom" also means "source-game-inaccuracy". Since I am so bad at "source-game-inaccuracy" in MUGEN, I still have to label it with "Custom". >> If it operates exactly like the game No my MUGEN stuff never operates exactly like the source game..........
  9. Custom AB Bonus Round released 2014-08-16:
  10. Custom AB Bonus Round MUGEN Characters 1000 Series: Custom AB Bonus Round by Borewood Custom AB Bonus Round is from Asura Buster (Arcade, emulated by MAME) SSFIV Decapre: "Why did the boss give me such a boring mission this time!?" * Custom AB Bonus Round is from Asura Buster (Arcade, emulated by MAME) - more details: * skip to 5:26 to see the bonus round in action... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MUGEN Version - a pretty boring bonus A.I. only character.........zzzzZZZZZzzzzzzzZ * important note: highly recommend to use the included Bonus Round (Asura Buster) MUGEN stage "Bonus Stage" by Cenobite 53 for Custom AB Bonus Round, otherwise, Custom AB Bonus Round may not work * Cenobite 53's "Bonus Stage": A known bug: The "wolf heads" score buggy... I used a Helper for the K.O. bar and inside it I made use of Explod state controller for the "wolf heads", but some times for strange reason, the "wolf heads" might disappear and re-appear. I tried to use or un-use RemoveExplod state controller but it still happens: Video Preview: if you don't have nicovideo account: if you have nicovideo account: or my OneDrive here:!681&v=3 Download 2014-08-16:!674 -> for MUGEN 1.0 only. (Custom_AB_Bonus_Round.def - localcoord = 320,240) (mugen.cfg - [Config] - GameWidth = 640 & GameHeight = 480)
  11. I love MFFA very much. I don't want to pollute it by my dirty hands. I don't want to let the past "Werewood vs MI/MFG/IMT" bad incident happen here in MFFA. I decided to change my posting habit in MFFA, by this way: - the only place I am posting here is [ RELEASES ] → [ CREATORS ] → Borewood's Creations - another places are my MUGEN WIP topics: - everything else go by PMs Due to my self-uncontrollable and over-sensitive and high-density/stubborn nature , I have registered to The Mugen Multiverse because volzzilla told me it is fine for me to post my usual MUGEN rantings over there. I couldn't think of a better way; it is for my own good and for MFFA's good. Thank you for your understanding and sorry for any inconvenience I have caused. [EDIT]: I unlocked my "" topic to let people vote and discuss again.
  12. "non-fighting-game in MUGEN" vs "fighting-game in MUGEN"

    Please continue to vote and discuss yet I am not going to participate in this topic anymore.
  13. "non-fighting-game in MUGEN" vs "fighting-game in MUGEN"

    Yo did you read my 1st post examples? I was in fact defending non-fighting-game stuff in MUGEN. I myself also mugenized a few ones. >> And you can be creative with a fighting game character as well. See my "custom + edit" examples above..........those are some already creative ones...... And the main purpose of this topic of mine is, to collect statistics to see what people vote for.
  14. Trying to code explods to be turned off in an option.txt doc

    You didn't mention in all previous posts that another form StateDef it is going to enter. Anyway, the "Clear all int/float variables" state might be the cause, not sure though. And I want to know how are your var(56) and var(57) defined?
  15. Throw code bug

    Like I mentioned a while ago, MUGEN throws debug and test are hard to investigate by just looking at a few lines of code. Which usually involves real-time monitoring for both P1 and P2 I once helped Toshio fix his Dot MUGEN WIP, as he trusted me and sent me his beta files: So, if you trust me then you might want to send the MUGEN character to me by PM, I will try to find a fix for you. If you do so then please also state clearly what that throw does in details (drawing pictures help even more).