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Neo Geo Pocket Collection


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OK, now I give me the time to upload all the images, so now all the edited chars have their image now, yay!! =D


But sadly, I found that Pocket Marco's link just had the DEF and not the complete character. And since in his archived site can't be downloaded, I left it on red u_u

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Found some stuff recently:

-Added CVS Guards by Charles_2011

-Added more KOF versions of Miss X (and yet there's no pocket version of her/him, too bad)


-Added AnimugenZ's Gals Fighters fullgame

-Added RX's screenpack based on Gals Fighters

-Added Yuki Kushinada by Duracelleur

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Oh, I just noticed it... Ulisan's projects were made with Fighter Maker 2nd and PFEX with Unity. Both creators have been deleted, and also:

-Car Bonus went offline, marking red until I can reupload it again

-SD's Pocket World's site with their fullgame went offline and unavailable via Wayback Machijne, so I marked it red as well

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