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Master Shake [08/22/2022]


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I updated him.


;random fixes and minor things (11/04/2018)
- Fixed stupid oversight where you could perform some hypers in midair
- Fixed bug where Broodwich hyper background wouldn't fit the screen
- The enemy now properly goes into a custom state on Broodwich contact, also fixing the bug with teammates hitting the enemy out of the move in the process.
- Fixed the bug where Shake would be insanely high in the air (and making the camera scroll) if he happened to jump while the Broodwich deployed
- Made Hand Banana assist have actual cooldown instead of having Shake just stand there
- Made crouching light kick go slightly farther
- Changed and added a few sounds
- Changed some animations to make them flow smoother
- Added a new palette
- Other things i forgot


Check the OP for the link.

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It's been a while! Shake's been updated not once, but twice since I made the last post. He's gained a couple things (such as a new move and winpose) and should feel much smoother to play as now.



;"Let's Fine Tuning!" edition (08/09/2022)
    - Now has a wider hurtbox when crouching
    - Now has a shorter hurtbox when jumping
    - Made some hitboxes more consistent, i.e they don't jump all over the place anymore
    - Shake's hurtboxes don't go below the ground anymore
    - Overall, Shake's hitboxes now prioritize functionality over aesthetics
- Improved juggling
- Super Bat Beatdown now inflicts a wallbounce, opening up more combo possibilities
- Made Super Bat Beatdown travel farther across the screen
- Super Bat Beatdown is now active for a few less frames
- Added states for Shake to go into when Super Bat Beatdown is blocked
- Made Super Birthday Snake slightly less safe to use
- Super Birthday Snake is now capable of destroying projectiles
- Shake now goes higher off the ground during the hard version of Lawnmower
- Hard version of Lawnmower automatically idles after 12 ticks
- Increased damage on the hard version of Lawnmower by 25%
- Hard version of Lawnmower is no longer an overhead
- Increased damage on heavy version of Object Throw by 10%
- Changed timing on the animation for Object Throw, and also gave the heavy version a new animation
- Phone now makes the opponent fall if hit by it in the air
- Properly centered the Phone and TV helpers
- Squirt projectile no longer places down some FX if the opponent gets hit by it in the air
- The following parameters have been adjusted in most of Shake's hitdefs for an overall smoother experience:
    - pausetime
    - ground.velocity, air.velocity
- Lots of minor frame data tweaks
- Sped up a lot of attacks
- You can actually hit Hand Banana now!!
    - Made Hand Banana slightly faster to compensate for this
- Fixed bug where opponents would stick to Hand Banana after being killed by him
- Added ScreenBounds to some of the opponent's thrown hitstates
- Added custom hitsparks and hitsounds
- Upgraded blood sparks
- Added "whoosh" sound to throws
- Opponent now falls down faster when hit by Spinning Throw
- Stomp now sends opponents into a set of custom animations, instead of relying on anims 5051 and 5061
    - Similarly, the Super Bat Beatdown finisher now sends opponents into a custom animation instead of anim 5061
- 2b has been completely reworked. Have fun 😄
- Made 5y feel smoother, both in terms of animation and gameplay
- Increased player width
- Added a new winpose. You'll know it when you see it
- Added a new small portrait
- Upgraded the quality of certain voiceclips
    - Replaced a few sound effects too! That explosion sound was bothering me for the longest time
- Slightly touched up the Ezekiel sprite
- Added a new palette ("'Billy & Mandy' Shake", aka Shake as he appears in the Billy & Mandy episode "Battle of the Bands") and modified some of the preexisting ones
- Got rid of some unused stuff

;Farewell to Beta edition (02/25/2022)
- Added command normal: Stomp
- Made some animations look crispier
- Added more special -> hyper chains
- Toyed around with his hittimes and such a bit more
- Phone has been buffed a little
- Fixed bugged damage dampener for projectiles and light version of Lawnmower
- Hypers are now affected by the damage dampener! Somewhat. They only get scaled if Shake happens to cancel a special into one of them
- Squirt can no longer be performed when the opponent is knocked down
- Fixed up the 2nd throw hitstate a little
- Buffed Hand Banana some more by making his grab unblockable and having him do more damage. Also 2 seconds have been reduced from his cooldown time
- Super Bat Beatdown now only hits grounded opponents
- Decreased jumpsquat to 3 frames. 8 was too many!
- The Broodwich and Squirt projectile now have hurtboxes
- Made Super Birthday Snake slightly more safe to use
- Rain now travels a bit slower in the Drizzle hyper
 - also gave the hyper more cooldown
- Removed unneeded leftover KFM code from Standing Medium Punch
- Super Broodwich Temptation used to give back a very slight portion of the player's power bar. This does not happen anymore
- Small very unconventional aesthetic fix involving the shadow of Shake's right hand being misaligned on the Drizzle hyper
- The aerials now use more than one hitspark
- Meatwad is now properly aligned on the ground on the "I WANT CANDY" winpose
- Handbanana now properly aligned on the ground and has went from being 2 explods in the "Tonight you" intro to a helper
- Made the explods a bit more consistent. The following animations have now either been removed or have new sprites:
 - Snake fire (1701)
 - Fire hitspark (1702)
 - EX effect used in Drizzle hyper (9807)
- polished some of his sprites
- Corrected a few of his hitsounds
- Removed intros against Batman and Lobo - wasn't the biggest fan of them
- Made "MONSTERS" intro a bit more fluid and have better lip sync
- Red palette should now be a bit more easier on the eye
- Other minor changes I forgot about!!!

Link is in the OP as always.

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On 8/22/2022 at 10:33 PM, N_N said:

Shake got updated again with a couple of bug fixes - nothing too major - and a brand new AI that should hopefully be much less glitchy than my first attempt.
Link in the OP!

he now looks pretty decent its good to see adult swim characters on mugen with ai and improved animations.

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