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Master Shake [02/19/2019]

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Okay, one thing I want to mention...


The Handbanana assist kinda feels weird to me. Maybe have him stop when he... "grabs" the opponent, plus put them in a custom state, instead of pushing them away from you?

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I updated him.


;random fixes and minor things (11/04/2018)
- Fixed stupid oversight where you could perform some hypers in midair
- Fixed bug where Broodwich hyper background wouldn't fit the screen
- The enemy now properly goes into a custom state on Broodwich contact, also fixing the bug with teammates hitting the enemy out of the move in the process.
- Fixed the bug where Shake would be insanely high in the air (and making the camera scroll) if he happened to jump while the Broodwich deployed
- Made Hand Banana assist have actual cooldown instead of having Shake just stand there
- Made crouching light kick go slightly farther
- Changed and added a few sounds
- Changed some animations to make them flow smoother
- Added a new palette
- Other things i forgot


Check the OP for the link.

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